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  1. We'll talk about the novelties, improvements and changes in the new version of the client, which will allow players to fight a mighty new enemy, get powerful boosts and rewards for themselves and the guild, and also bring even more convenience and atmosphere to the gameplay. Guilds New levels and talents We've raised the maximum guild level to 8 by adding 3 guild talent pages. Studying them will allow you not only to increase the growth to existing power-ups, but also open up access to new ones, among which you will find bonuses to: Evasion Critical Hit Critical Strike Strength Fortitude In addition, the values of existing buffs were revised, as a result of which their effectiveness increased by 1.5-2 times, and bugs were fixed due to which some effects did not work correctly. And of course, on the new pages of guild talents you will find the already familiar to you “Expansion” and “Training course” bonuses, which will allow you not only to invite two additional members to the roster, but also increase the maximum reputation and open another slot for guild reinforcement. P.S. We've also reworked the first page of guild talents, making it much easier to start progression, and increasing the amount of energy spent on researching talents will be gradual. If you have been thinking about gathering like-minded people under your command for a long time, now is the time to do it! Now let's talk about another new talent, or rather the content that can be accessed after it’s studied. Of course, we mean Guild Raids! Guild Raids We already told you about this mechanic in our last article. In short, Raids are a guild activity in which you, along with your loyal comrades in arms, go to a dedicated location to fight the boss. For winning the battle, you will receive personal rewards and resources for the development of the guild. How to get into the raid? As we said earlier, to begin it is necessary to study the guild talent of the corresponding boss. In the current update, you will have the opportunity to fight only one boss - the mother of all A'nuin Spikehorns, the talent to access which is located on the third page. After studying the talent, participants with the ranks of "Leader" or "Assistant" can begin the selection of heroes for the battle. Any member of the guild with the rank of "Member" or higher can apply to participate. After that, the raid creator selects 8 players who will take part in the battle with the boss and starts the procedure for moving to the selected location. For the convenience of tracking processes within the guild, we moved the button to a more noticeable place, where there is enough space to display all the necessary information. How does the battle take place? Initially, all characters enter a safe zone to wait for all participants to load and prepare for battle. Being in this zone is marked by a timer, after which you will have access to the place of the battle with the boss. Just like in dungeons, in order to successfully complete the raid, you need to defeat the boss within the allotted time. If the battle is successful, then it remains only to pick up the reward and leave the location. However, this test may not be within the power of your team. This outcome can happen in two cases: the time allotted for killing the boss ends, or the boss kills all players. If the first option is harsh and merciless, the second, fortunately, has an important clarification: upon death, the player can resurrect for free in the starting area of the raid. But the number of such resurrections is limited and depends on the boss and its difficulty. In the fight with the regular version of A'nuin, you will have 8 free resurrections for the entire raid. You can respawn for premium currency without restrictions. After any of the outcomes of the raid, a timer will start, after which you can again go to the fight the boss. The time of this timer can be reduced by each of the members of the guild with the rank of “Member” and above, using free reputation points. So, let’s see the abilities of the first raid boss in the game: Boss abilities Spiked Carapace — Significantly reduces magical damage taken and deals physical damage to all players within 6 meters around it for 3 seconds. Ferocious Onslaught — delivers a strong blow to the target and pushes it away, after which it inflicts physical damage to all enemies within a radius of 3 meters from the target. Toxic Mist — A'nuin hides in her shell for 5 seconds and exhales a poisonous mist that fills the area. Heroes affected by the fog take high magic damage every second. Periodically around the Boss, 5 safe zones appear and disappear, being in which the characters become immune to fog damage. Rewards For defeating the boss, each participant will receive a personal reward in the form of a container with gold, knowledge and equipment items, and, likely, resources for its development. For the guild, a large amount of the “Energy” resource is provided, which is necessary for studying talents and activating gains. The state of vigor does not affect the receipt of the reward, in addition, vigor points will not be removed for defeating the boss. Also, to receive a reward, you do not have to fight the boss, the main thing is to be at the location. However, we doubt that with such participants, the raid would be successful. After defeating the boss, a personal reward appears in the form of a chest next to the defeated enemy. We have thought of the scenario when you forget about it, and added a special notification that will remind you of the loot waiting for you. Difficulty Now A'nuin can be fought in two difficulties - normal and high. In order to unlock the hard difficulty A'nuin battle, you'll have to defeat her normal version 10 times. As the difficulty of the boss increases, the reward will also increase, but the fight itself will also be much more difficult - A'nuin will not only have more damage, protection and health, but also additional modifiers and upgrades for abilities. New Activity Season Seasonal rewards Along with the update, a new season of activities became available in the game — “Through Time and Space”. Complete tasks and get valuable resources to develop your character, and if you become the proud owner of a Skypass, then as the final reward of this month, you can get a unique costume - Chronomantle. You can get acquainted with the history of this outfit here. P.S. We will conclude the results of our giveaway, before the end of the day — stay tuned to the news. The additions to the activity center do not end there! Activity reselection Certainly, each of the Archeon explorers, in order to progress in the activity center, has had to deal with tasks that could not be called their favorite or even a desirable pastime. Now you will have the opportunity to replace the received activities with others chosen randomly. Free activity replacement is available every 24 hours, however, you can use the mechanic more often by paying a small amount of premium currency for each reselection. In one of the next updates, we will also add nice and smooth animations to this mechanic. Quests in the Adamantine Caves We've added new daily quests for all locations in the Adamant Grotto, which require you to defeat a certain number of other players or loot a few Corrupted Items to complete. Both tasks are easy to complete in PvP, so be careful - moving around and farming in locations will become much more dangerous. Interactivity in the Factorium We always pay special attention to details that contribute to immersion in the atmosphere of the game, so we strive to fill the game world with various Easter eggs and interactivity. In this update, four new interactive scenes appeared on the territory of the Factory location: Gorgor merchant trying to sell broken automatons. Rally of workers against layoffs. The process of creating new zombies to work in the mines. Children's games with Nibblebot. In the future, we will continue to fill other game locations with similar details. Access to mechanics and in-game training It's no secret that over the course of several updates, our team has been working on improving the gameplay for the characters of the initial levels, so that the entrance to the game is easy and measured, but preparing for the challenges ahead. As part of the new version of the client, we have changed the skill level requirements required to access the mechanics of working with equipment. Now they are: Level Up - Mastery level 5. Amplification - Mastery level 7. Fusion - Mastery level 9. Reforging - Mastery level 12. In addition, we have removed secondary tasks for training mechanics with the choice of the correct answers to questions. Now, acquaintance with the device of the “Forge” section will take place as part of the completion of story missions filled with interactivity and hints. Now only the item leveling tutorial has been reworked, and the rest of the quests will appear in the next updates. Other changes and additions And of course, the new version of the client includes many small but no less important fixes and changes in mechanics, interfaces and gameplay. Here are the most promiment ones of those: Made changes to the iOS client to deal with the occurrence of bright flashes and other unpleasant glitches - if the problem persists, please let us know about it. The "Pin Chat" feature is no longer reset when switching between locations and re-logging into the game. Fixed an issue occurring while loading a Dungeon location. World Boss Baladrog Fireborn no longer has a fierce hatred for Christmas trees and other summoned objects and creatures and does not seek to attack them when summoned outside the battle zone. Added detailed information on PvP status, that works on Adamantine Caves locations. You can no longer accept guild invitations in Adamantine Caves locations. Fixed "Magic Damage Reflection" passive ability of monsters in the Adamantine Cave locations - now the ability does not deal physical damage, but magic damage. The alphas in the first chain of Adamantine caves locations have been weakened. Personal loot on locations Adamantine Caves saved for 20 minutes. An interactive diagram has been added to teach you to use the "Quest Journal" interface. You will no longer be able to postpone collecting task rewards when there is room in your inventory. The skill icon and the premium reward badges in the Activity Center have been changed. Fixed an issue where the price and quantity of items purchased from the merchant did not change when switching between items. Fixed a bug that caused a character to be resurrected in the territory of the Gorgor Contract when exiting the game before the resurrection timer starts. Fixed the task "Applied Necromancy": the required NPC Caleb does not disappear from the location. Added more notification icons to the guild interface - now you won't miss the start/finish process of learning a talent, activation of an enhancement, and other major actions within the guild. Fixed a bug that made it possible to get soul shards for killing the "Boring Machine" monster from the "Damage Control" quest, which takes place outside of the Adamantine Caves. If a character is dead or is in combat when you enter the game, the showing of the "Rewards Calendar" will be postponed. The ready-to-collect reward animation, when moving to game modes, now disappears correctly. To accept a new player into the guild now you can immediately after learning the talent "Space Expansion" without re-logging into the interface. Fixed "Accelerated Regeneration" glyph of Alchemist class - now the effect works as described. Important clarification: when calculating the ability does not take into account the overheal - health points restored above the maximum. As well as other fixes and improvements for technical stability and enjoyable gameplay! *** That's all we wanted to tell you today, but not all of the new content and updates we've been working on over the past few months. Be sure to tell us what you think after you've tried the new features and fixes in the new version, so that we can not only enrich the game with more content, but bring you even more fun and comfort in the next update. Good luck in the battles and see you in Skylore!
  2. Irdes


    Imagine that you are an omnipotent being, locked in a pocket universe, and you have all eternity at your disposal! Any whim, any, even the most incredible idea can be brought to life! But the question is, how long will your fantasy last until madness and loneliness take their toll? And now, after a couple of thousand years, a small star will fall on Arinar. A vault in which a bizarre vestment is hidden, literally permeated with energy flows. The owner of the gift of heaven will soon realize that space and time are now subject to them. They will see the cities of antiquity and meet the civilizations of the infinitely distant future. However, soon the “lucky one” realizes that they have become a prisoner of the miracle device. A minute here, a couple of centuries there. Where will the traveler go now and how many years will his stop last? Who knows. Perhaps, eventually, the gears will stop and the suit will stop moving, and its owner will finally return home. They will find that they have not aged a moment and everything around will be the same as before. Everyone but themselves...
  3. Irdes

    Knower Robes

    The Order of the Knowers quickly became known far beyond the borders of Archeon. At first, the appearance of their vestments aroused genuine interest, because the history of the new order seemed to be shrouded in an aura of mystery. The Knowers were not happy with such popularity. Their main task has always been the search for new knowledge, and often such research is fraught with great danger. Soon the townsfolk understood this simple truth, because any appearance of the Knowers always preceded extraordinary events. So now, at the sight of a member of the order, experienced Arinarians try to leave the area of interest of a Knower as quickly as possible... just in case.
  4. Irdes

    Guild Costume

    Sometimes, each of the Archeon’s pilgrims gets struck with a thought — and am I not created for something more? It can be a thirst for glory or a desire to accomplish something great. However, only natural leaders are destined to unite under their command the most gifted adventurers, to immortalize their names in history! Who knows, maybe you have such potential? If so, don't delay, create a guild and lead it to victory!
  5. Irdes

    Royal Costume

    Teamwork? One for all and all for one? Ha, real heroes don't need a team to show their grit! Strength, cunning or blind luck — doesn't matter, only one is destined to be the winner! Test yourself in the callous battle for survival! Take your victory from the destiny's clutches or become just one of the steps on the victor's pedestal!
  6. Irdes

    Pilot Costume

    What could be more beautiful than soaring through the skies on a noble owlgriffin or a mighty wyrm? Pfft, anything! Only Pilots with a capital P are destined to cover the skies with charcoal smoke, flying a baby stuffed with dynamite! Technopolis flight school opens its doors to future sovereigns of the sky from all across Arinar! We don't care if you have horns, fur or tasteless tattoos, one on the path of a pilot will be a part of the team of the best of the best! If, of course, they survive the training. So, don't stall, sell your junk to a pawnbroker and buy the first ticket to Technopolis. The flight academy awaits you!
  7. If you'd like to hear about gorrs before the Great Calamity, find an owner of some large horns and prepare to listen. You will be shown majestic totems of wild beasts that favoured ancient gorr clans. Maybe you would be inspired by the strength of the Wolf clan, or the legendary resilience of the Bear clan, or maybe you'll take a liking to the methods of the Viper clan. But regardless of the clan, every gorr was an unrivaled fighter, ferocious and noble. If someone managed to earn the favour of an animal patron, they were bestowed with the greatest honour of becoming a Totem Guard. These warriors, clad in animalistic garbs, vowed to protect the sacred symbols of the clan no matter what. And this vow continued to be carried out in death as it was in life.
  8. We'll tell you about new products, improvements and changes in the new version of the client, which will open up new opportunities for you, as well as allow you to conveniently receive even more useful rewards and bonuses. Assignments As you already know from the news, guild errands are now updated simultaneously, according to a common timer. However, this is far from the only change we've made to this mechanic! We have increased the refresh time for orders, and now new tasks will be available for completion every 24 hours. Currently, each guild will have its own timer for updating orders, depending on the time the guild was created, but in the future we plan to change this, not forgetting about the players from different regions. Taking into account the increase in the time for completing orders, we also revised the timers for completing tasks. Simply put, now in a single errand, you will need to perform more actions, however, the reward for completing it will be much higher! Also, we revised the formula according to which the total progress of the assignment was considered by the members of the guild - now each action will bring the same amount of energy. In addition, the player can join the execution of the assignment even if it was issued before they joined the guild. We hope that such innovations will help your guilds develop faster and gain access to all bonuses and power-ups. And for those who have already done this, we recommend not to rest on your laurels, because there are new levels and opportunities ahead that will not keep you waiting! Thematic consumables More and more of the lands of Archeon are overtaken with annual celebrations and festivities on the occasion of the approaching New Year. But to this day the heroes still haven't had the opportunity to get thematic consumables and join the spirit of the holiday - we decided to fix this moment! We have introduced new chests into the game as a reward for one of the arena combat formats, inside which you can find not only equipment with a PvP bonus "Fortitude", but also Christmas consumables: "Snowball", "Mister Frost", "Snow Double" Since their introduction, we have made several changes and fixes to their work: The remaining life time of "Mister Frost" and "Portable Christmas Tree" can now be found by clicking on the effect applied to them. The bonus to the characteristic "Ability Cooldown" from the “Gingerbread Man" item has been reduced to 15%. The bonus from the aura of the "Portable Christmas Tree" item has been increased to 10%, bonuses from several items are no longer cumulative. So, as we said above, the chests with these items will be in only one of the battle formats, and it will be, already familiar to the participants of the previous stages of testing, - “Deathmatch”! This is exactly what the very first format and location of the Arena mode looked like. For those who was not around at this time, let's make it clear - the rules of the fight are similar to the “Knockout” format, but the outcome of the fight is decided within one round. The only possible victorious outcome is not to leave the members of the enemy team alive within the allotted time. Take part in battles without room for error, prove your skill and receive rewarding and incredibly fun themed rewards! New character and guild name rules We have revised the rules for nicknames: now you will be able to use symbols of all localization languages available in the game in them! The change also applies to the names of guilds, which can now use not only English, but also French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian symbols. In addition, two spaces are now allowed in guild names. An important rule! You cannot use characters from different localization languages within the same nickname or guild names. Due to the changes, we will send all active characters an item “Rename Scroll”, which will allow you to select a new nickname that was previously unavailable. In addition, we are working on a tool that will allow you to change the name of your guild, if you wish, in accordance with new features. Abilities, glyphs and attributes Balance is an extremely important part of a class-based MMORPG. That is why we collect statistics on a daily basis that will allow us to find ways to achieve a comfortable game for each class, both in modes and in the open world. This time we decided to make the following adjustments: Guardian: Increased the duration of Aegis charges from 30 to 45 seconds. The Tireless Defender glyph of the Aegis ability has been changed: now you will passively receive 1 charge of the Aegis every 20 seconds, even out of combat. Heroic Dash range increased from 2 to 2.5 meters. Heroic Dash stun time increased from 1.5 seconds to 2 seconds. Heroic Dash damage is now dealt instantaneously, rather than alongside an auto attack. The duration of the Taunt ability on players has been increased from 1 to 2 seconds. Delay after Taunt ability reduced to 0.5 sec. Shadow: Shadowstep ability damage can no longer be a critical hit. The Shadow Race glyph of the Invisibility ability has been changed: the Haste effect is no longer removed when leaving invisibility. Hunter: The Sniper glyph of the Phantom Arrow ability now increases the damage from the ability by 50% if it was dealt from a distance of more than 7 meters. Mage: Now, when entering invisibility from the Stealth glyph of the Doppelganger ability, the character does automatically attack, remaining in invisibility. Illusions now take 50% more damage from other players. Alchemist: Sign of Life glyph of the Transmutation Circle ability now additionally increases the damage done by the ability by 10% if the Alchemist's health is more than 50%. Sign of Paralysis glyph from the Transmutation ability now applies the Root effect. Protective Barrier glyph of the Transmutation ability now always applies the Barrier effect, but with a reduced effectiveness. The Elixir of Life ability has a new passive feature: when using a healing potion that is relevant for the current character level, the character gets the Power effect x2 for 6 seconds. Important clarification: relevant means the highest available level of potions: character level 1 to 4 — Small healing potion 5 to 9 — Medium healing potion 10 to 20 — Big healing potion The Healing Elixir ability now imposes the Saturation status on the target, which will reduce the effectiveness of the healing from this ability for a certain time. The Faster Reflexes glyph of the Elixir of Life ability now additionally increases Haste Taking into account the updates with new modes, enemies, levels, abilities and other content, we believe that it is impossible to achieve a complete balance between classes. However, we will never give up trying to get as close as possible to this state, and current changes are only a small part of our work in this direction. Other changes and additions Additionally, the new version of the client includes a number of small but important changes to mechanics, interfaces and game process. Here are the main ones of those:: Increased rewards for completing quests in dynamic areas. Killing world bosses no longer costs Vigor points. Increased the timer for notifications about increasing the skill and level of the character. The minimum level of plot tasks for accessing the Adamantine Caves location has been reduced, followed by the transition to the Holy Grove or Factorium location. The quest reward button is now animated. The notification about the learned talent will now disappear only after its activation, and not after viewing the talent page. Fixed a bug due to which the taken free Gorgor Contract from the in-game store appeared as not redeemed. The order of the tabs in the Forge menu has been changed, now it corresponds to the order in which the functions for improving equipment are opened during the leveling process. New icons for goods have been added to the in-game store: free reputation and soul shards. Secret Amulet has been replaced by Goblin Insurance. The stack size of some chests has been changed, now only 30 items are placed in one slot. Already stacked prior to the update items will remain in their slots in the same quantity. And also other fixes and improvements for technical stability and comfortable gameplay! *** That's all we would like to tell you today, but definitely not all that we have been working on over the past few months. P.S. Attentive players may have noticed that in the image for the latest published news, the location of one of the slots for consumables has changed - this is a temporary decision necessary to prepare for the introduction of a major content novelty, which we will talk about very soon. See you in Skylore!
  9. We are talking about new additions, fixes and improvements in the new version of the client, which will help you receive even more rewards and useful bonuses, as well as bring more convenience and joy to the gameplay. Reward Calendar There can never be too many rewards, especially when you can get them just for entering the game! We've added a 15-day calendar with daily rewards. During this period, you will receive useful resources for the development of your character and his equipment. Definitely, this mechanic is designed to help beginners in the early stages of the game. However, seasoned travelers will also find useful bonuses for themselves: for example, a new item that allows you to expand your inventory, which we have already told you about in our news. After taking all the daily rewards, you can expand your inventory by 10 slots. However, in the future you will have the opportunity to obtain inventory expansions in a different way, to further increase your inventory capacity. Rewards can now be collected once and will not be refreshed. But in the future, we will be able to use the same mechanic to form additional thematic calendars with daily bonuses. We will definitely tell you all the details in advance! Anonymity on the Battlefield In the "Battlefield" mode, players often come to arrangements with each other, removing unwanted competitors in order to share the prizes afterwards. Even if this moment is not regulated by the rules of the game, the battle on this principle does not allow the Battle Royale to unfold in full glory. Therefore, we decided to fix this moment: now, within the gamemode, the names and names of guilds of hostile characters will not be displayed, and it will also not be possible to use the location chat and the context menu of interactions with the enemy. In addition, the costume worn on the character will be visible only to you and your partners. We hope that such updates will help the mode to become more interesting and fun. However, we have other plans to improve it, which we will definitely introduce in the next updates. For example, working with matchmaking settings to completely exclude series of fixed matches, and, of course, adding premium reward s;) Summoned Trader In addition to the inventory expansion, we have added another new item to the game - “Coupon from the underground bazaar”. This consumable will allow you to summon an NPC merchant for 300 seconds, with whom everyone can interact. You can use the item in the locations of the open world, including in the Adamant Caves, as well as in the Dungeons, to purchase consumables or sell unnecessary equipment. The summoned merchant cannot repair equipment. Now the consumable will only be available in the premium shop, but we will definitely add it as a free reward to the next Activity season, so that all heroes could try it out and evaluate its usefulness. Dynamic areas We received feedback from you that sometimes heroes have to wait too long for some interactivity or monsters to appear in Dynamic Areas, and in some cases, whole queues of people wanting to complete the task are formed. In the new version of the client, we have significantly reduced the longest timers for refreshing interactivity and the appearance of monsters, so you do not have to spend a lot of time waiting for zombies or a cart with ore. In addition, we have increased the refresh time for Dynamic Areas to 12 hours. Now quests in all three zones will appear simultaneously twice a day: at 11:00 and 23:00 Moscow time. In one of the next updates, we will also tidy up the timers of guild assignments, synchronizing them with each other, and also set the global server time to update them. Guilds Now all guild members will be displayed in the member list according to the rank hierarchy — from the leader to recruits, top to bottom. We have also added a display of total mastery of all participants in the guild windows. Now this information is available to all players, not just in the guild search tab. We will continue to improve the UI for ease of use, but will also add new content and guild leaderboards.. Changes to character development We have made many complex changes aimed at simplifying character leveling at the initial stages of development. So, for example, the amount of mastery required to reach 7-20 levels has changed. The overall mastery value for max leveling will remain the same, but players will be able to get the initial levels faster and open access to modes and content much earlier. We've also made some of the boss and monster encounters easier in the opening storyline and side quests so that new players don't have as much of an tough time, and we've made the minimap and auto path features available sooner. If for a long time you've been putting off starting to play as another character class, then now is the time to try to develop it! And don't forget to tell us about your experiences. Mini-map and auto-path By the way, about the mini-map: we have increased its scale so that it will help you to better navigate the terrain. Now there will be no situations when a marker appears on the screen earlier than on the map. Now, upon pressing the Track button in the quest journal, your character will automatically start moving to the necessary location. Nibblers The support and assistance in battle from this companion is hard to underestimate, but before the update players could summon a whole swarm of them, leaving the opposition no chance. Now repeated summoning won’t work and one player can only summon one such companion on the location. Kragg Outskirts We’ve changed the mechanics of the Baladrog Fireborn boss abiliies, who lives on the second stage of the Adamantine Caves locations for levels 10-14. Now the boss fight will be much more difficult and fun, and you will need to put in much more effort to win! Localization Skylore is a place where players from all over the world can unite and go on adventures! For that, we are adding new localization languages to the game: French, German, European Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. For new players, the language will be automatically set in accordance with the device settings, and if you have played before this update, you can change it in the in-game settings. If you find a mistake in the translations or would like us to localize the game in any other language, please let us know. We will try to make sure that players from all over the world can seamlessly become a part of the history of the Skylore world! *** That's all we would like to tell you today. We hope that these changes will delight you and make your adventure more convenient and fun. See you in the game!
  10. Друзья! Настало время подвести итоги челленджа! Игроки соревновались в установлении рекорда по количеству побежденных Вожаков в локациях Адамантовых пещер в рамках одного похода с разделением по уровням. Результаты получились следующие: Среди персонажей 15-20 уровней 1 место — Траус — 20 вожаков 2 место — Juan Luna — 16 вожаков 3 место — Rakkusuu — 7 вожаков Напоминаем, что по условиям соревнований игрокам было необходимо попасть на локацию через вход, победить вожаков и выйти из локации, не выходя из игры между этими событиями. Поэтому среди призеров не указаны некоторые рекордные значения, которые, к сожалению, не попали в выгрузку результатов. Мы внесем соответствующие правки, чтобы избежать таких ограничений и устраивать более гибкие челленджи подобного рода в будущем, а также наградим поощрительным призом в 300 алмазов тех, кто установил рекорды без учета прерывания игровой сессии. Поощрительные награды получают: Darrom, Amonth, FANATIK, Prinzessin и Dracarys. Среди персонажей 10-14 уровней 1 место — Ozwee — 15 вожаков 2 место — Lafian — 5 вожаков 3 место — Snaart и Hapyto — 4 вожака Поощрительную награду получает Skumavka. Среди персонажей 8-9 уровней 1 место — HaileSelassie — 3 вожака 2 место — Volenros — 2 вожака 3 место — Teh Fucuk — 2 вожака Поскольку многие игроки победили 2 вожаков в этой категории уровней, мы решили выдать награды тем, кто сделал это быстрее всех. Остальные герои с таким рекордным значением получат поощрительную награду в 300 алмазов. Поощрительные награды получают: Osocti, Pemburu, Hajime, Reator X, Iceheart, Turkey, Banka, Sorfes, Клон-его. и Sousys. *** Конечно же, мы не забыли и о других активностях Адамантовых пещер и наградим рекордсменов за особые достижения за время соревнований. FANATIK — 42 победы в PvP Dommag — 259 005 полученных осколков души Nocturnal — 86 распечатанных сокровищ и реликвариев Darrom — 83 побежденных вожака за время соревнований Каждый из этих героев получает по 500 алмазов. *** Награды героям начислим сегодня до конца дня. Поздравляем победителей и благодарим всех за активность! И да, уже на следующей неделе мы раскроем вам некоторые подробности новой версии клиента, и, вероятно, сможем даже что-нибудь показать! ;) Хороших вам выходных!
  11. Friends! It's time to conclude the challenge! Players competed in setting the record for the number of defeated alphas in the Adamantine Caves' locations, within the span of one delve and divided by levels. Among characters 15-20 levels 1st place - Траус - 20 alphas 2nd place - Juan Luna - 16 alphas 3rd place - Rakkusuu - 7 alphas We'd like to remind you that according to the terms of the competition, players had to get to the location through the entrance, defeat the alphas and leave the location without leaving the game between these events. Therefore, among the winners, some record values are not indicated, which, unfortunately, were not included in the results selection. We will make the appropriate changes to avoid such restrictions and arrange more flexible challenges of this kind in the future, and we will also award the incentive prize of 300 diamonds to those who set records without taking into account the entry to the location within the framework of the game session. Incentive prizes go to: Darrom, Amonth, FANATIK, Prinzessin and Dracarys. Among the characters of 10-14 levels 1st place - Ozwee - 15 alphas 2nd place - Lafian - 5 alphas 3rd place - Snaart and Hapyto - 4 leaders Skumavka receives an incentive prize. Among the characters of 8-9 levels 1st place - HaileSelassie - 3 leaders 2nd place - Volenros - 2 leaders 3rd place - Teh Fucuk - 2 leaders Since many players have defeated 2 leaders in this level category, we decided to give out rewards to those who did it the fastest. The rest of the heroes with such a record will receive an incentive reward of 300 diamonds. Incentive prizes go to: Osocti, Pemburu, Hajime, Reator X, Iceheart, Turkey, Banka, Sorfes, Клон-его. and Sousys. *** Of course, we have not forgotten about other activities of the Adamantine Caves and will reward the champions for special achievements during the competition. FANATIK - 42 PvP wins Dommag - Received 259,005 Soul Shards Nocturnal - 86 Treasures and Reliquaries Unsealed Darrom - 83 alphas defeated during competition Each of these heroes receives 500 diamonds. *** The rewards will be awarded to the heroes today until the end of the day. Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for your activity! And yes, next week we will reveal to you some details of the new version of the client, and we may even be able to show you something! ;) Have a nice weekend!
  12. Friends! We have prepared a new challenge for you, in which only your perseverance and dedication can determine the winners! We will reward three heroes from each of the level categories 8-9, 10-14, and 15-20 who will defeat the largest number of alphas in PvPvE locations, but with certain conditions: The record has to be set in the span of one delve. A delve is counted from entering the location to successfully leaving it. The death of the character both by monsters and other players, as well as leaving the game disqualifies the attempt. There can be as many delve attempts as you like, but only the best one will be counted for the result. You can move between the floors of the location. It is the last hit on the monster that counts, not just a fight. The number of attempts is unlimited but only the best one will count. The nine winners will receive the following awards: 1st place - 1000 diamonds 2nd place - 750 diamonds 3rd place - 500 diamonds Important! Leaders defeated in locations with a level lower than the hero's level will not be counted. Therefore, in order to qualify for victory, you should choose the most difficult accessible cave in terms of level: Crystal Grove - for characters level 8-9 Kragg Outskirts - for characters level 10-14 Adamantine Grotto - for characters level 15-20 And remember that we will take into account the level of the character at the time of the conclusion, which means that when you move to a new range of levels during the competition, your previous delves will no longer be counted. In addition to prizes, we will try to reward all active participants, and there is also the possibility of additional rewards for individual merits. Make use of both PvE and PvP Adamantine Caves mechanics, especially because the latter will help you sabotage your opponents’ attempts! The trial will last from November 3, 17:00 UTC, to November 8, 8:00 UTC. It will take us several days to determine the results and award the winners. Good luck and have a great weekend!
  13. Friends! We remind you that a new season of activities has become available in the game today! Complete tasks and get valuable resources to develop your character. And the final reward for Skypass owners this month will be a new outfit - Totem Guardian Garb! Speaking of the owners of the Battle Passes, we have concluded the results of our giveaway and are ready to name the lucky ones! This time, the luckiest ones were: Lady Winter Allres Arzus Sir Lancelot Accelerant Angkol Healing Machine Demigod Z Necromant infraRed In the attached files you can find a list of characters in the order of their fulfillment of the conditions for participation, as well as a screenshot with a random generation of 10 winners, which were determined by https://randstuff.ru/ Congratulations to the winners, and to the rest we wish you good luck in future contests and giveaways, which we will try to hold as often as possible! We will credit Skypass or Diamonds to the winners by the end of the day. Thank you all for your activity! Participant list.xlsx
  14. We will tell you about territories, mechanics, rewards and opponents in PvPvE locations, as well as other changes and innovations. In one of the previous articles, we have already revealed to you the concept of the new Adamantine grotto - The general concept of the implementation has not changed, but there are many details and mechanics that should be discussed in more detail, and we are happy to do so! New locations The Adamantine Grotto that is familiar to you, has not disappeared: you can freely run through the locations you already know, but now this will require at least character level 15. However, you will be able to get acquainted with the mechanics of PvPvE much earlier, namely from level 8. And all because we added two more huge locations, the entrances to which are located in the Adamantine Caves. Locations differ not only visually, but also in the level of monsters inside: Crystal Grove - with level 8-9 monsters Kragg Outskirts - with level 10-14 monsters Adamantine Grotto - with level 15-20 monsters Each of these locations has two floors. The first has a restriction on the minimum entry level and effective level. The second - with separate settings for the effective level and the level of monsters. We remind you that the effective level mechanic reduces the level of the character to the level set at the location, at the same time reducing their characteristics. Also, it should be noted that the presence of a character in PvPvE locations imposes some restrictions on them, namely prohibits: Queueing up in the Arena, Battlefield or Dungeon, as well as entering the location with an active queue in the listed modes. Creating ads in the "Tavern" already active ads will be withdrawn upon entering the location. Using Contracts with the Gorgors. Joining a group or inviting other players to it. Note! You can enter a location as part of a group, but you cannot accept new players into it if at least one of its members is in a PvPvE location. Using Waypoints to travel quickly. The nearest waypoint, which is also the place of the resurrection of the characters, is located in the Adamantine Caves Initially, only the first floor of the Crystal Grove will be available to all players, and to open the second tier and other locations, you will need to complete a chain of several tasks. New world bosses On the second floor of each of the locations there is a world boss. In the Adamant Grotto, it is the already familiar antagonist, Decayra, and in the two other PvPvE locations, your opponents will be no less powerful creatures - the Gnawer of the Depths and the Fireborn Balodrog. Note! You can fight bosses within 30 minutes after defeating them, but you can get a reward for killing each one only once every 24 hours. This timer is personal to each of the heroes and starts counting down after you receive the reward. And yes, you do not need to memorize or write down this time - everything can be seen on the map! New marks on the map The map in the locations of the Adamant Caves has become even more informative! For example, now on it you can track the possibility of receiving a reward for defeating a world boss. If the reward cannot be received now, then you will see a timer until a new opportunity. Also, we remind you that you can exit PvPvE locations and return to the Adamant Caves through one of several exits. However, not all of them will be available at the same time. You can also find out which of the outputs are available at the moment, as well as the time during which you can use them, on the location map. Important! Leaving a location or lower floor is a long interactivity that gets confused by taking damage. Be attentive and extremely careful! Now, let's talk about rewards and new mechanics to get you rich! Madness-Touched Items As we said earlier, in PvPvE locations, players will not receive gold and knowledge for killing monsters. The loot for defeating creatures will be new items - treasures and relics. They are chests with useful contents: knowledge, gold, equipment, alchemical stones and piles, adamant crystals and spheres of protection. In short - inside you will find everything for enhancing your equipment! The quantity and quality of the contents of the chests depends on their level and rarity. The level of the treasure or relic will be equal to the level of the defeated monster, and the rarity is determined depending on its strength: Common — from monsters with the power of “average” or “strong” Uncommon — from alphas and also from monsters with the power of “strong” Epic — from world bosses. But there is a problem, the caves, to which no ray of sunlight penetrates, are soaked through with the corruption of insanity, which has affected not only the minds of creatures, but also the hidden valuables. Before you can get the contents of a treasure or relic, you need to cleanse it from corruption. And with this, almost free of charge, Professor Styx is ready to help you, who has set up his field laboratory in the Adamant Caves, not far from the entrances to PvPvE locations. To remove the corruption, you will need to get a new currency. You can get it for hunting monsters, but the main way to get it is by completing daily quests in PvPvE locations. These are mainly PvE tasks, but there are some that will require you to fight other players. Note! You will be able to complete daily tasks only in those locations that correspond to the level of your character. By the way, by defeating other players in PvP, you can not only complete the daily task, but also take away the relics and treasures they have earned. PvP aspect of the location We have not forgotten that the main feature of PvPvE locations was the possibility of free PvP. And from this you will be able to reap benefits for yourself if you sensibly assess your strength and do not get involved in a surely lost battle. The fact is that when a character dies, they lose all items infected with madness! What happens to them next depends on the active PvP status at the time of death. If a peaceful character was defeated, then the loot will be equally divided into three parts: General loot that any player can take. Personal loot is a part of items that a defeated player can pick up if they return to the place of their death within 20 minutes. Lost loot. When a character with an active combat status dies, ⅔ of the loot will be general, and the rest will be lost. Important clarification! Heroes whose level is higher than the effective location level cannot change their PvP status to combat and attack a character if they're in a peaceful status. However, remember that everyone, without exception, can attack players with an active combat status in the location! Another mechanic that is designed to protect peaceful players and make life more difficult for PvP enjoyers is the "Killer's Mark" effect. After killing a peaceful hero, players with an active combat status will receive a debuff, the effect of which will not allow using the exits from the location or transitions to another tier for two minutes, as well as changing their combat status. Be careful and extremely collected, because this time may be enough to complete the plan of revenge. Not to mention that you will become a target for any player, because no one will receive negative effects for killing you. Please note: when you kill a peaceful character again, the effect is not prolonged, but refreshed, so its duration cannot exceed two minutes. In addition, to create healthy competition in PvP battles in the PvPvE territories of the Adamant Caves locations, we introduced another restriction: no more than 8 representatives of one guild can be on the location channel. We understand that you are expecting more massive fights and we will definitely give you such an opportunity, but within the framework of other territories and mechanics. We hope that such changes will help make the fights more interesting! Other changes and additions Altars with alphas We have changed their mechanics. Now, after summoning and defeating the leader, the altar will take some time to recover. The indicator of the time until the end of the process will be the same runes, but in a different color. In addition, the number of monsters that must be defeated to summon the leader now depends on their level: the higher it is, the more monsters need to be killed to fill the progress and summon an elite monster. New status "Exhausted" Now, when reviving for diamonds in PvPvE locations, the character's health will be restored not instantly, but gradually. During this time, they will be under the effect of "Exhausted", which will prevent him from: moving attacking using abilities using consumables or other usable items However, also during the duration of the effect, the character gains immunity to all other effects. After half of your health is restored, you can pick up your personal loot and continue the battle. Invisibility We have made significant changes to the work of abilities and items that allow characters to become invisible. The disguise can now be revealed. Once every 4 seconds, with a certain probability, a character or monster can detect an invisible character in a certain area around him. For characters, this area is fixed - 6 meters, and for monsters it can be different, depending on their strength. Please note: detection does not remove invisibility from the character, but makes them visible to everyone around him, and also makes it possible to choose them as a target for an attack or ability. Taking any damage dispels the invisibility effect. If, after 4 seconds, the character has not taken damage, they become invisible again, and then the detection check is repeated. At the same time, remember that for each monster or hero, the probability of detection is triggered separately, so sneaking up on a cluster of monsters or players unnoticed is a rather difficult task. In addition, at PvPvE locations for levels 10-14, you can notice new objects - all-seeing gargoyles. These creatures also reveal the invisibility of nearby heroes, without removing the effect from the character, but with a 100% chance. So far, we have added them for testing only in two locations, but in the future we will be able to use them in other places where the advantage of stealth plays a very important role. Premium services expansion Among the goods of the day, you can now find adamantine crystals, which will help you change the secondary characteristics of equipment. In addition, we have expanded the general assortment of goods, adding free reputation, the currency for clearing chests from corruption of madness, as well as a special item that will allow you to keep a small part of treasures and relics in your inventory after the death of the character. We haven't forgotten about another long-awaited item - the character renaming scroll. It has also been added to the list of premium items and will allow you to change your nickname at any time. However, remember that your new nickname must comply with the rules of communication in the community. Otherwise, we reserve the right not only to change it, but also to restrict access to the character. Also, please note that the requirements for certain symbols and their number for a nickname are not final and may change in future updates, so if you cannot change the nickname to your desired one, if it does not contradict the rules of communication, do not hurry to come up with a new one. *** That's all we would like to tell you today. Embark on a dangerous adventure and do not forget to unite with faithful companions who will cover your back and help you deal with the most powerful enemies! Do not forget to share with us your thoughts and observations regarding new locations and mechanics in the corresponding sections of the discord server or forum - this will help us make the game even more convenient, enjoyable and fun! See you in the game!
  15. Friends! We’ve concluded the Skypass giveaway results! First of all, we want to express our gratitude to all the participants of the challenge, because thanks to you, we managed to identify and fix the error with loading Dungeons' locations. And now we present you the lists of the lucky ones! This time, the luckiest ones were: Полночь Kringe Dead Like Warlock Hawwk Djack Empty Sleep Gt Hunted bLack_rOse In the attached files you can find a list of characters in the order of their fulfillment of the conditions for participation, as well as a screenshot with a random generation of 10 winners, which were determined by https://randstuff.ru/ Congratulations to the winners, and to the rest we wish you good luck in the next contests and giveaways, which will not keep you waiting for long! We will activate Skypass to the giveaway winners before the end of the day. Thank you all for your activity! List of players to complete the condition.xlsx
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