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  1. The update was already up when the post was published
  2. We are talking about one of the biggest updates in Skylore. Read carefully about how to develop your character even more, discover new active and passive abilities, get powerful equipment, and generally be fully equipped to embark to the lands of another world - Tenebris and Ophyrion - with new story quests that reveal the secrets of the origins of Skylore. Character development In order for heroes to take on new challenges, the maximum character mastery level in this update is increased to 34! You will unlock new talents to learn at levels 23, 26, 29, 32 and 34, respectively. And to achieve this level of mastery, you will, as usual, need new equipment, available from level 20. For the old-timers of our game, it's time to spend the accumulated resources, and help newcomers to level up - after all, it will only be more difficult, and you will need the help of true friends. Of course, as you level up, appropriately difficult areas open up! New territories Finally, you will find out where the passage to Skylore is hidden - and it is not at all as far away as it might have seemed! And the first new location you will get to will be Ophyrion - the city of Ophyrs, where you will learn about how Skylore appeared, what it is like, as well as how to get into his various plans. Of these, at first the path will open only to Tenebris, but in the future from here you will arrange expeditions to other planes of Skylore. Ophyrion In an effort to know the limits of their capabilities, Ophirs did not notice how the remnants of their mortal passions took shape, and then consciousness. A formless evil will has defiled many plans and corrupted the minds of the best architects of Skylore. Unable to defeat such a formidable foe, the last of the Ophirs erected a tower that bound the surviving planes together. Only a chosen guardian still guides the energies of Ophyrion to this day, waiting for the day when a new power comes into play... Tenebris "Can an identity be born among a faceless mass?". In search of an answer to this question, Ophyr Yuniketso created a whole world known as Tenebris - "Land of Shadows". The creatures of this world are both its heart and its inhabitants. They are faceless and homogeneous, and only by turning the flesh of their native plane into a face can they acquire their own identity. At the moment, Tenebris will not be fully open, but only its first third: we recommend using this time to get comfortable in it and prepare for future adventures! Also located in Tenebris is the first group dynamic area in the game - this is a real test, and only madmen go there alone. Please note: at the moment, the game does not indicate that the location is intended for group play, but we will add this information in future updates. There are 40 new quests waiting for you in the new territories, and even level 20+ adventurers will have a very difficult time. Be careful and do not rush to certain death - any successful expedition requires preparation. Abilities Each class has 5 new abilities - 2 active and 3 passive. This will allow you to add tactical variety to your usual battles, as well as prepare for all the dangers of fighting unknown threats in new territories Mage Active abilities Space Tear You create two portals, one at a specified point and one near you. Any ally can enter one portal and travel to the other. The enemy can destroy portals. Chain Lightning Causes sequential magical damage to four nearby enemies. Does not strike the same target twice. Passive abilities Sorcerer’s Ingenuity Increases your damage to targets with effects such as Slowdown and Root. Frost Shield When attacking you, targets get Slowdown effects. Energy Absorption Whenever you summon illusions in excess of their maximum number or when they disappear out of battle, you regenerate a percentage of your maximum health and can gain the Might effects. *** Shadow Active abilities Dark Pack You summon a pack of the predatory shadows that deals physical damage to all enemies in front of you and imposes a Shadow Particle effect on them. Auto-attacks on enemies with this effect deal more damage and take one charge off. Soulcutter You summon a Soulcutter, which moves to the target point and deals physical damage to all enemies in its path. After reaching the target point, the Soulcutter remains in place and continues to deal damage to all enemies nearby. If you click on the cutter, you move into its place and it disappears. Passive abilities Grand Entrance On coming out of Invisibility, you stun all nearby enemies. Poisoned Blood If you apply a Poison effect, an additional charge of that effect can be applied. Veil of Darkness While invisible, you take 50% less damage. *** Guardian Active abilities Immortal Defenders Passive: Reduces and redirects some of the damage dealt to nearby teammates. Active: summons ghost defenders into the target area, which reduce and redirect some of the damage dealt to you by nearby group members. Passive effect is inactive while defenders exist. Redirecting damage in both parts of the ability triggers only if your health exceeds 50%. Damage dealt in this way cannot be blocked. Arsenal of Heaven Summons a rain of blades into a selected area, causing physical damage to all enemies every second. Passive abilities Series of Blows Every second use of any ability gives one charge of the Aegis effect. Denial of Pain You reduce all incoming damage in proportion to your lost health. Inspiration When another player applies an instant healing ability on you, you gain Might effect. *** Hunter Active abilities Lord of the Sky Summons a dragon spirit who flaps their wings and unleashes gusts of wind on enemies, pushing all enemies in front of you and inflicting physical damage to them. The dragon spirit is not affected by the effects applied to other hunter spirits. Gives you the Spirit of the Spider effect. Falcon Hunting Passive: When you deal damage with basic attacks and instant effects, you apply the Loot effect to the enemy. Active: Unleash ghostly falcons at all nearby enemies with a Loot effect and deal Physical damage to them for every Loot effect, dispelling them. It also takes into account the effects imposed by other hunters. You gain the Spirit of the Boar effect. Passive abilities Animal Instinct Animal spirits remove the Invisibility state from enemies within a 2 meter radius. Search for Vulnerabilities When attacking an enemy with low health, you have a chance to inflict Bleed effect on them. Easy Prey Periodically, you apply the Mark of the Hunter effect to a random enemy nearby. Targets with this effect gain increased physical damage from their next auto attack or ability, and an additional Root effect. *** Alchemist Active abilities Potion Making Summons 3 health potions in the target area for allies to use. Bottles can be destroyed by opponents. Distortion Seal Creates a distorting seal in the specified direction. All allies in the area of effect receive the Haste effect, and enemies receive the Slowdown effect. Passive abilities Dispersion When you heal, you remove one each of Poison, Bleeding, and Burn. Only works with instant healing spells and potions. Arsonist Increases damage against targets with the Burn effect. Alchemist’s Revenge When you take damage from basic attacks or instant effects, you gain Fury. *** Equipment With the new update, 3 new sets of armor will appear in the game, each with 3 types (light, medium and heavy), as well as 3 sets of accessories - a total of five dozen new items! Other changes The cost of studying talents in knowledge has changed, at the initial levels it will be cheaper. Storm of Arrows — the skill has been reworked. Now, when using the ability, the hunter is not subject to the Root effect and the damage is not reduced. The effects of ability crystals have also changed. A new item, Flag-Bearer whistle summons a Critter that attacks enemies in melee combat, applying Regeneration, Haste, and Haste to both himself and the owner, removing all Poison and Burn effects along the way. Activating Guild Buffs is now free, but has a long cooldown. This cooldown can be reduced with guild energy. Buffs already activated will be removed with the update, and 4500 energy will be returned for this. All existing and future costumes are now allowed to have their helmets removed. Various animations have been added in Holy Grove, Factorium, Scorched Highlands and in Somber Swamp. Timed quests appear even when the quest window is open, it does not need to be reopened. The design of the buttons in the Forge has been updated. And other minor fixes and changes. Remember that this is only the beginning of the adventure - there is much more to come. We are waiting for your feedback and impressions, but for now we wish good luck to the brave Skylore explorers!
  3. Рассказываем об одном из самых больших обновлений в Skylore. Читайте внимательно о том, как развить своего персонажа ещё сильнее, открыть новые активные и пассивные способности, добыть мощное снаряжение, и вообще быть во всеоружии, когда отправитесь в земли другого мира — Тенебрис и Офирион, — по новым сюжетным квестам, раскрывающим тайны истоков Скайлора. Развитие персонажа Чтобы герои могли пройти новые испытания, максимальный уровень мастерства персонажа в этом обновлении повышается до 34! Вам откроются новые таланты для изучения на 23, 26, 29, 32 и 34 уровнях соответственно. А чтобы достичь такого уровня мастерства, вам, как обычно, понадобится новое снаряжение, доступное с 20-го уровня. Для старожилов нашей игры пришло время потратить накопленные ресурсы, да помочь прокачаться новичкам — ведь дальше будет только труднее, и понадобится помощь верных друзей. Разумеется, вместе с повышением уровня открываются и под стать сложные территории! Новые территории и квесты Наконец вы узнаете, где таится проход в Скайлор, — и он совсем не так далеко, как могло показаться! А первой новой локацией, куда вы попадёте, станет Офирион — город Офиров, где вы узнаете о том, как появился Скайлор, что он из себя представляет, а также о том, как попасть в различные его планы. Из них поначалу откроется путь только в Тенебрис, но в будущем отсюда вы будете устраивать экспедиции и в другие планы Скайлора. Офирион Стремясь познать границы своих возможностей, офиры и не заметили как остатки их смертных страстей обрели форму, а затем и сознание. Бесформенная злая воля осквернила множество планов и совратила умы лучших архитекторов Скайлора. Неспособные победить столь грозного врага, последние из офиров воздвигли башню, связавшую уцелевшие планы воедино. Лишь избранный хранитель по сей день направляет энергии Офириона, ожидая того дня, когда в игру вступит новая сила... Тенебрис "Может ли родиться идентичность среди безликой массы?". В поисках ответа на этот вопрос офир Юникецо создала целый мир, чье имя известно как Тенебрис — "Земля теней". Существа из этого мира являются как его сердцем, так и его обитателями. Они безлики и однородны, и лишь обратив плоть родного плана в лицо, могут обрести собственную идентичность. На данный момент Тенебрис будет открыт не полностью, а только его первая треть: рекомендуем использовать это время, чтобы освоиться в нём и подготовиться к будущим приключениям! Также в Тенебрисе располагается первая в игре групповая динамическая область — это настоящее испытание, и в одиночку туда сунутся только безумцы. Обратите внимание: на данный момент в игре не обозначено, что локация предназначена для группового прохождения, но в будущих обновлениях мы добавим эту информацию. На новых территориях вас ждут 40 новых квестов, и даже приключенцам 20+ уровня придётся весьма туго. Будьте осторожны и не торопитесь бежать на верную гибель — любая успешная экспедиция требует подготовки. Новые способности Каждому классу добавлено по 5 новых способностей — 2 активных и 3 пассивных. Это позволит внести тактическое разнообразие в привычные вам бои, а также подготовиться ко всем опасностям и сражениям с неизвестными угрозами на новых территориях. Чародей Активные навыки Разрыв пространства Вы создаёте два портала: один в указанной точке, а другой рядом с собой. Любой союзник может войти в один портал и переместиться к другому. Порталы могут быть уничтожены противником. Цепная молния Последовательно наносит магический урон четырём близко стоящим противникам. Способность не поражает одну и ту же цель дважды. Пассивные навыки Чародейская смекалка Повышает ваш урон по целям с эффектами Замедление и Обездвиживание. Морозный щит При атаке по вам противники получают эффект Замедление. Поглощение энергии При призыве иллюзий сверх их максимального количества или при их исчезновении вне боя, вы восстанавливаете процент от максимального здоровья и можете получить эффект Мощь. *** Тень Активные навыки Тёмная стая Вы призываете стаю хищных теней, которая наносит физический урон всем противникам перед вами и накладывает на них заряды эффекта Частица тьмы. Автоатаки по противнику с этим эффектом наносят больше урона и снимают один заряд. Резчик душ Вы призываете резчика душ, который движется в выбранную точку и наносит физический урон всем противникам на своём пути. После достижения конечной точки резчик остаётся на месте и продолжает наносить урон всем противникам рядом. При нажатии на резчика вы перемещаетесь на его место, а сам он исчезает. Пассивные навыки Эффектное появление При выходе из состояния Невидимости вы накладываете эффект Оглушение на всех противником рядом. Отравленная кровь При наложении эффекта Отравление, может примениться дополнительный заряд этого эффекта. Завеса тьмы Во время состояния невидимости вы получаете на 50% меньше урона. *** Страж Активные навыки Бессмертные защитники Пассивно: часть получаемого стоящими рядом согруппниками урона снижается и перенаправляется в вас. Активно: призывает в выбранную область призрачных защитников, которые снижают и перенаправляют в вас часть урона, получаемого стоящими в этой области согруппниками. Пассивный эффект не действует во время существования защитников. Перенаправление урона в обеих частях способности срабатывает, только если запас вашего здоровья превышает 50%. Получаемый таким образом урон не может быть заблокирован. Арсенал небес Призывает дождь из клинков в выбранную область, который наносит физический урон каждую секунду всем противникам. Пассивные навыки Серия ударов Каждое второе применение любой способности даёт один заряд эффекта Эгида. Отрицание боли Вы уменьшаете весь входящий урон пропорционально потерянному здоровью. Воодушевление При применении на вас другим игроком исцеляющей способности мгновенного действия вы получаете заряды эффекта Мощь. *** Охотник Активные навыки Повелитель небес Вы призываете духа дракона, чьи взмахи крыльев обрушивают на противников порывы ветра, расталкивая всех противников перед собой и нанося им физический урон. На духа дракона не действуют эффекты, применяемые к другим духам охотника. Накладывает на вас эффект Дух паука. Соколиная охота Пассивно: при нанесении урона с помощью автоатак и мгновенных эффектов, вы накладываете на противника эффект Добыча. Активно: вы выпускаете призрачных соколов на всех ближайших противников с эффектом Добыча и наносите им физический урон за каждый эффект Добыча, снимая их. Учитываются и эффекты, наложенные другими охотниками. Вы получаете эффект Дух кабана. Пассивные навыки Звериное чутьё Духи зверей снимают состояние Невидимости с противников в радиусе 2 метров. Поиск уязвимых мест При атаке по противнику с низким запасом здоровья, вы можете наложить на него эффект Кровотечение. Лёгкая добыча Периодически вы накладываете на случайного противника рядом эффект Метка охотника. Цели с этим эффектом получают повышенный физический урон от следующей автоатаки или способности и дополнительный эффект Обездвиживания. *** Алхимик Активные навыки Зельеварение Создаёт в указанной области 3 бутылька с зельем здоровья для использования союзниками. Бутыльки могут быть уничтожены противниками. Печать искажения Создаёт в указанном направлении искажающую печать. Все союзники в области действия получают эффект Спешка, а противники — Замедление. Пассивные навыки Рассеивание При исцелении вы снимаете по одному эффекту Отравления, Кровотечения и Горения. Работает только с исцеляющими заклинаниями и зельями мгновенного действия. Поджигатель Повышает урон по целям с эффектом Горение. Месть алхимика При получении урона от автоатак или мгновенных эффектов вы получаете эффект Ярость. *** Снаряжение С новым обновлением в игре появятся 3 новых сета брони, каждый с 3 видами (лёгкий, средний и тяжёлый), а также 3 набора аксессуаров — всего пять десятков новых предметов! Прочие изменения Изменилась стоимость изучения талантов в знаниях, на начальных уровнях оно будет дешевле. В магазин гильдии добавлен новый предмет — свисток зубастика-знаменосца призывает зубастика, атакующего противников в ближнем бою, накладывающего на себя и хозяина эффекты "Регенерация", "Спешка" и "Ускорение", попутно снимая все эффекты "Отравление" и "Горение". Умение "Ураган стрел" было переработано. Теперь при использовании способности на охотника не накладывается эффект "Обездвиживание" и не снижается урон. Также изменились эффекты кристаллов способности. Активация Усиления Гильдии теперь бесплатная, но имеет длительную перезарядку. Эту перезарядку можно сократить при помощи энергии гильдии, изучив соответствующий талант. Уже активированные усиления будут отменены с обновлением, и за это вернётся 4500 энергии. Вместо отключенных платежей Google Pay теперь будет возможность перейти из игры сразу на сайт и завершить покупку там. У всех уже существующих и будущих костюмов теперь можно снимать шлем! Добавлены различные анимации в Благороще, Фактории, Пылающем плато и в Угрюмой топи. Квесты по таймеру появляются даже при открытом окне квестов, его не нужно переоткрывать. Обновлен Дизайн кнопок во вкладке "Кузня". И прочие мелкие правки и изменения. Помните, что это только начало приключений — впереди ещё много нового. Ждём ваших отзывов и впечатлений, а пока желаем удачи бравым исследователям Скайлора!
  4. Friends! You probably remember this location that we showed some time ago. Last time it was very entertaining to read your guesses, but since then you have learned a lot about the game world, so we suggest you try again - what awaits the brave heroes here, and how will they get there? Share your theories in the comments! The answers to your questions as well as solving this and other mysteries are very close, much closer than you think.
  5. Друзья! Наверняка вы помните эту локацию, что мы показывали какое-то время назад. В прошлый раз нам было очень занимательно читать ваши версии, но с тех пор вы узнали много нового о мире игры, так что предлагаем попробовать ещё раз — что ждёт отважных героев здесь, и как они сюда попадут? Стройте свои теории в комментариях! Ответы на ваши вопросы и раскрытие этой и других тайн совсем близки, куда ближе чем вы думаете.
  6. Друзья! У нас появилась новая информация об одном из будущих обновлений с увеличением максимального уровня персонажа! В наши руки попала еще одна порция новых пассивных усилений : снова по одной для каждого из игровых классов, и снова они перепутались при передаче! Готовы ли вы безошибочно соотнести их в этот раз? Ответы пишите в комментариях! P.S.: По обыкновению, предлагаем поразмышлять о названии и эффектах способностей в комментариях. Читать ваши версии было очень увлекательно в прошлый раз! Кстати, правильный ответ на прошлый вопрос мы оставили в комментариях к прошлой загадке: Хороших выходных!
  7. Friends! We received new information about a future update with an increase in the maximum level of the character! Another batch of new passive boosts has arrived in our hands: again one for each of the game classes, and again, they got mixed up in the transfer! Are you ready to match them accurately this time? Write the answers in the comments! P.S.: As always, we would love to have your thoughts on the names and effects of the abilities in the comments section. Reading your versions was very entertaining last time! By the way, we have left the correct answer to the last question in the comments to the last riddle: Have a great weekend!
  8. Друзья, время для нового челленджа! Как мы уже говорили в ченджлоге последнего обновления, наша команда работает над новыми механиками для Войн гильдий - сезонами и рейтингами. Мы уже подготовили систему подсчета рейтинга за участие в битвах, и, перед введением механики в игру, хотим протестировать ее работу. Ну и конечно получение статистических данных мы по обыкновению решили совместить с приятными бонусами для игроков! Суть челленджа: необходимо активировать PvP статус гильдии и участвовать в Войнах Гильдий, победив как можно больше других коллективов. Условия: для того, чтобы вам была засчитана победа над гильдией, необходимо чтобы счет по завершенным в рамках челленджа событиям между коллективами был в вашу пользу. Первое место — 3000 Жетонов гильдии Второе место — 2000 Жетонов гильдии Третье место — 1000 Жетонов гильдии Также будут награды и для активных участников, не занявших места в первой тройке. Не забывайте, что для массовых сражений между гильдиями прекрасно подойдут все территории Адамантовых пещер, а также Пылающее Плато и Угрюмая топь - в последнем обновлении мы расширили каналы этих территорий, чтобы одновременно на них могли поместиться два полных состава гильдии и ещё сверху! Челлендж будет проходить с 18.08 12:00 МСК по 01.09 12:00 МСК. Войны, действующие на момент старта челленджа также пойдут в статистику для подведения итогов. Удачи, и пусть победит сильнейший!
  9. Friends, it’s time for a new challenge! As we mentioned in the changelog of the last update, our team is working on new mechanics for Guild Wars — seasons and ratings. We have already prepared a rating scoring system for participating in battles, and before implementing mechanics to the game we would like to test it. As usual we decided to combine getting statistics with nice bonuses for the players! The gist of the challenge: you need to activate PvP status and participate in Guild Wars, defeating as many other teams as possible. Conditions are: in order to be awarded victory over a guild, you must have the score of the completed challenge events between the teams in your favour. First place — 3000 Guild tokens Second place — 2000 Guild tokens Third place — 1000 Guild tokens There will also be additional Guild tokens rewards for active participants who don’t make it to the podium. Don't forget that all of the Adamantine Caves, as well as Scorched Highlands and Somber Swamp are perfect for guild-to-guild mass battles - in the latest update we've expanded the channels of these territories to accommodate up two full guilds and then some! The challenge will last from 18.01 9:00 GMT to 01.09 9:00 GMT. The wars active at the start of the challenge will also go into the statistics for the results. Good luck, and may the best win!
  10. We'll talk about the novelties, improvements and changes in the new version of the client, which will allow players to fight a mighty new enemy, get powerful boosts and rewards for themselves and the guild, and also bring even more convenience and atmosphere to the gameplay. Guilds New levels and talents We've raised the maximum guild level to 8 by adding 3 guild talent pages. Studying them will allow you not only to increase the growth to existing power-ups, but also open up access to new ones, among which you will find bonuses to: Evasion Critical Hit Critical Strike Strength Fortitude In addition, the values of existing buffs were revised, as a result of which their effectiveness increased by 1.5-2 times, and bugs were fixed due to which some effects did not work correctly. And of course, on the new pages of guild talents you will find the already familiar to you “Expansion” and “Training course” bonuses, which will allow you not only to invite two additional members to the roster, but also increase the maximum reputation and open another slot for guild reinforcement. P.S. We've also reworked the first page of guild talents, making it much easier to start progression, and increasing the amount of energy spent on researching talents will be gradual. If you have been thinking about gathering like-minded people under your command for a long time, now is the time to do it! Now let's talk about another new talent, or rather the content that can be accessed after it’s studied. Of course, we mean Guild Raids! Guild Raids We already told you about this mechanic in our last article. In short, Raids are a guild activity in which you, along with your loyal comrades in arms, go to a dedicated location to fight the boss. For winning the battle, you will receive personal rewards and resources for the development of the guild. How to get into the raid? As we said earlier, to begin it is necessary to study the guild talent of the corresponding boss. In the current update, you will have the opportunity to fight only one boss - the mother of all A'nuin Spikehorns, the talent to access which is located on the third page. After studying the talent, participants with the ranks of "Leader" or "Assistant" can begin the selection of heroes for the battle. Any member of the guild with the rank of "Member" or higher can apply to participate. After that, the raid creator selects 8 players who will take part in the battle with the boss and starts the procedure for moving to the selected location. For the convenience of tracking processes within the guild, we moved the button to a more noticeable place, where there is enough space to display all the necessary information. How does the battle take place? Initially, all characters enter a safe zone to wait for all participants to load and prepare for battle. Being in this zone is marked by a timer, after which you will have access to the place of the battle with the boss. Just like in dungeons, in order to successfully complete the raid, you need to defeat the boss within the allotted time. If the battle is successful, then it remains only to pick up the reward and leave the location. However, this test may not be within the power of your team. This outcome can happen in two cases: the time allotted for killing the boss ends, or the boss kills all players. If the first option is harsh and merciless, the second, fortunately, has an important clarification: upon death, the player can resurrect for free in the starting area of the raid. But the number of such resurrections is limited and depends on the boss and its difficulty. In the fight with the regular version of A'nuin, you will have 8 free resurrections for the entire raid. You can respawn for premium currency without restrictions. After any of the outcomes of the raid, a timer will start, after which you can again go to the fight the boss. The time of this timer can be reduced by each of the members of the guild with the rank of “Member” and above, using free reputation points. So, let’s see the abilities of the first raid boss in the game: Boss abilities Spiked Carapace — Significantly reduces magical damage taken and deals physical damage to all players within 6 meters around it for 3 seconds. Ferocious Onslaught — delivers a strong blow to the target and pushes it away, after which it inflicts physical damage to all enemies within a radius of 3 meters from the target. Toxic Mist — A'nuin hides in her shell for 5 seconds and exhales a poisonous mist that fills the area. Heroes affected by the fog take high magic damage every second. Periodically around the Boss, 5 safe zones appear and disappear, being in which the characters become immune to fog damage. Rewards For defeating the boss, each participant will receive a personal reward in the form of a container with gold, knowledge and equipment items, and, likely, resources for its development. For the guild, a large amount of the “Energy” resource is provided, which is necessary for studying talents and activating gains. The state of vigor does not affect the receipt of the reward, in addition, vigor points will not be removed for defeating the boss. Also, to receive a reward, you do not have to fight the boss, the main thing is to be at the location. However, we doubt that with such participants, the raid would be successful. After defeating the boss, a personal reward appears in the form of a chest next to the defeated enemy. We have thought of the scenario when you forget about it, and added a special notification that will remind you of the loot waiting for you. Difficulty Now A'nuin can be fought in two difficulties - normal and high. In order to unlock the hard difficulty A'nuin battle, you'll have to defeat her normal version 10 times. As the difficulty of the boss increases, the reward will also increase, but the fight itself will also be much more difficult - A'nuin will not only have more damage, protection and health, but also additional modifiers and upgrades for abilities. New Activity Season Seasonal rewards Along with the update, a new season of activities became available in the game — “Through Time and Space”. Complete tasks and get valuable resources to develop your character, and if you become the proud owner of a Skypass, then as the final reward of this month, you can get a unique costume - Chronomantle. You can get acquainted with the history of this outfit here. P.S. We will conclude the results of our giveaway, before the end of the day — stay tuned to the news. The additions to the activity center do not end there! Activity reselection Certainly, each of the Archeon explorers, in order to progress in the activity center, has had to deal with tasks that could not be called their favorite or even a desirable pastime. Now you will have the opportunity to replace the received activities with others chosen randomly. Free activity replacement is available every 24 hours, however, you can use the mechanic more often by paying a small amount of premium currency for each reselection. In one of the next updates, we will also add nice and smooth animations to this mechanic. Quests in the Adamantine Caves We've added new daily quests for all locations in the Adamant Grotto, which require you to defeat a certain number of other players or loot a few Corrupted Items to complete. Both tasks are easy to complete in PvP, so be careful - moving around and farming in locations will become much more dangerous. Interactivity in the Factorium We always pay special attention to details that contribute to immersion in the atmosphere of the game, so we strive to fill the game world with various Easter eggs and interactivity. In this update, four new interactive scenes appeared on the territory of the Factory location: Gorgor merchant trying to sell broken automatons. Rally of workers against layoffs. The process of creating new zombies to work in the mines. Children's games with Nibblebot. In the future, we will continue to fill other game locations with similar details. Access to mechanics and in-game training It's no secret that over the course of several updates, our team has been working on improving the gameplay for the characters of the initial levels, so that the entrance to the game is easy and measured, but preparing for the challenges ahead. As part of the new version of the client, we have changed the skill level requirements required to access the mechanics of working with equipment. Now they are: Level Up - Mastery level 5. Amplification - Mastery level 7. Fusion - Mastery level 9. Reforging - Mastery level 12. In addition, we have removed secondary tasks for training mechanics with the choice of the correct answers to questions. Now, acquaintance with the device of the “Forge” section will take place as part of the completion of story missions filled with interactivity and hints. Now only the item leveling tutorial has been reworked, and the rest of the quests will appear in the next updates. Other changes and additions And of course, the new version of the client includes many small but no less important fixes and changes in mechanics, interfaces and gameplay. Here are the most promiment ones of those: Made changes to the iOS client to deal with the occurrence of bright flashes and other unpleasant glitches - if the problem persists, please let us know about it. The "Pin Chat" feature is no longer reset when switching between locations and re-logging into the game. Fixed an issue occurring while loading a Dungeon location. World Boss Baladrog Fireborn no longer has a fierce hatred for Christmas trees and other summoned objects and creatures and does not seek to attack them when summoned outside the battle zone. Added detailed information on PvP status, that works on Adamantine Caves locations. You can no longer accept guild invitations in Adamantine Caves locations. Fixed "Magic Damage Reflection" passive ability of monsters in the Adamantine Cave locations - now the ability does not deal physical damage, but magic damage. The alphas in the first chain of Adamantine caves locations have been weakened. Personal loot on locations Adamantine Caves saved for 20 minutes. An interactive diagram has been added to teach you to use the "Quest Journal" interface. You will no longer be able to postpone collecting task rewards when there is room in your inventory. The skill icon and the premium reward badges in the Activity Center have been changed. Fixed an issue where the price and quantity of items purchased from the merchant did not change when switching between items. Fixed a bug that caused a character to be resurrected in the territory of the Gorgor Contract when exiting the game before the resurrection timer starts. Fixed the task "Applied Necromancy": the required NPC Caleb does not disappear from the location. Added more notification icons to the guild interface - now you won't miss the start/finish process of learning a talent, activation of an enhancement, and other major actions within the guild. Fixed a bug that made it possible to get soul shards for killing the "Boring Machine" monster from the "Damage Control" quest, which takes place outside of the Adamantine Caves. If a character is dead or is in combat when you enter the game, the showing of the "Rewards Calendar" will be postponed. The ready-to-collect reward animation, when moving to game modes, now disappears correctly. To accept a new player into the guild now you can immediately after learning the talent "Space Expansion" without re-logging into the interface. Fixed "Accelerated Regeneration" glyph of Alchemist class - now the effect works as described. Important clarification: when calculating the ability does not take into account the overheal - health points restored above the maximum. As well as other fixes and improvements for technical stability and enjoyable gameplay! *** That's all we wanted to tell you today, but not all of the new content and updates we've been working on over the past few months. Be sure to tell us what you think after you've tried the new features and fixes in the new version, so that we can not only enrich the game with more content, but bring you even more fun and comfort in the next update. Good luck in the battles and see you in Skylore!
  11. Irdes


    Imagine that you are an omnipotent being, locked in a pocket universe, and you have all eternity at your disposal! Any whim, any, even the most incredible idea can be brought to life! But the question is, how long will your fantasy last until madness and loneliness take their toll? And now, after a couple of thousand years, a small star will fall on Arinar. A vault in which a bizarre vestment is hidden, literally permeated with energy flows. The owner of the gift of heaven will soon realize that space and time are now subject to them. They will see the cities of antiquity and meet the civilizations of the infinitely distant future. However, soon the “lucky one” realizes that they have become a prisoner of the miracle device. A minute here, a couple of centuries there. Where will the traveler go now and how many years will his stop last? Who knows. Perhaps, eventually, the gears will stop and the suit will stop moving, and its owner will finally return home. They will find that they have not aged a moment and everything around will be the same as before. Everyone but themselves...
  12. Irdes

    Knower Robes

    The Order of the Knowers quickly became known far beyond the borders of Archeon. At first, the appearance of their vestments aroused genuine interest, because the history of the new order seemed to be shrouded in an aura of mystery. The Knowers were not happy with such popularity. Their main task has always been the search for new knowledge, and often such research is fraught with great danger. Soon the townsfolk understood this simple truth, because any appearance of the Knowers always preceded extraordinary events. So now, at the sight of a member of the order, experienced Arinarians try to leave the area of interest of a Knower as quickly as possible... just in case.
  13. Irdes

    Guild Costume

    Sometimes, each of the Archeon’s pilgrims gets struck with a thought — and am I not created for something more? It can be a thirst for glory or a desire to accomplish something great. However, only natural leaders are destined to unite under their command the most gifted adventurers, to immortalize their names in history! Who knows, maybe you have such potential? If so, don't delay, create a guild and lead it to victory!
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