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  1. Mjt_e

    More Classes

    But I didnt see it. so it's nice Ty for info
  2. Mjt_e

    More Classes

    I think the game need more classes One more melee dmg (example : monks using normal staff< a little less dmg. more def and sup >) One more magic dmg (exm : casters using orb) And... (u are the professionals) I love variety And it make the battles more epic
  3. Mjt_e

    Magical bridge bug

    Just tap on auto-run when the bridge appears. and when it hides, u will pass it Note. Hidden before I went on the bridge
  4. Mjt_e

    Weapons bug

    Weapons change their hand from left to right (right to left) by changing the direction of the character In the last screenshot the golden knife is in the right hand and in the first one left And so are the middle screenshots Isometric graphic?!
  5. Mjt_e

    Weapons bug

    Take a look at weapons
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