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  1. Hello admins. Since you guys wants a new features in this game, I have a suggestion regarding the Guild System. Why not make a different types of guild? Like a guild for PK lovers or Monster hunting lovers or etc... Every types of guild have different Guild quest/mission. Doing guild quest/mission earns a guild points which is use to level up the guild. Guild points can also be determine the rankings of guilds. I'll list down the types of guild I have been thinking. Warrior's Guild = A guild for Open PvP and Player killing (PK) lovers. Guild quests are killing other players/faction/race. Adventure's Guild = This is like the normal guild nowadays. Guild quests are doing the arena/dungeon/battlefield or some quest(like daily quest). Hunter's guild = A guild for PvE lovers. Guild quests are hunting monsters. I hope you guys consider it. Thank you and more power!
  2. Please add Achievements that if we finish will grants some visual effects/change-font/badge-beside our nickname. Of course for only those hard achievements like killing 1million monsters or 100k total enemy players or playing the game for at least a year. Those only hardcore players of Skylore can only achieve. I know everyone wants their nicknames to be known or notice easily by other players.
  3. KenJoy

    Leveling System

    Then I'll just wait for it to be release and look for the new things in game. And I hope you guys thinking to add pet and cosmetics for heroes.
  4. KenJoy

    Name color

    Allied heroes and Npc because the colors are almost the same. Or maybe add an Color Blind mode if possible
  5. KenJoy

    Teleport bug

    When i teleport into a waypoint, it sometimes teleport me into a random place without even a waypoint (mostly in an area i have been recently). I encountered this bug a couple of times already.
  6. KenJoy

    Name color

    Maybe make the Color of the name of Players and Npc to be more different from each other? I want to see other players easily but sometimes i mistook them as npc especially when they standstill. I know there are more bigger things to do first but i hope you consider this.
  7. KenJoy

    Leveling System

    The leveling system is the only thing I don't like so far. I want to stay at a certain level and make my character strong for arena/pvp purposes(This is what i used to do in Warpear). But the problem is i gain level/experience when i enhance my equipment or learn a talent. I hope you guys consider my suggestion. Thanks and good luck!
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