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  1. "We remind you that the effective level mechanic reduces the level of the character to the level set at the location, at the same time reducing their characteristics" This is very frustrating. After so much work to level up and get strong we spent most of the time with reduced stats. Even in the areas of daily quests where a high lvl player cannot harm a low lvl. Without this mechanic, high lvl players could finish the quest faster and leave the location, but with this reduction everyone ends up taking longer and the quest location is very full of players. This mechanic makes even pvp very annoying because with the reduced attributes the battles end very quickly. Even being lvl 20 you never feel the true power of your character.
  2. I think this will make it very difficult for players who like to farm. Also I think it's a mistake to focus on pvp as the fights are very unbalanced. Shadow and Hunter are totally overpowered.
  3. Hey! The problem was solved. Thank you so much, Sir.
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