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  1. Raid - A'Nuin The Great [ NORMAL - HARD ] Although the mechanics are announced in the description of the boss is quite difficult to achieve successfully, especially if it is your first time as a guild, so I will explain the following recommendations: • Prioritize in case of being players with lvl less than 15 take with him 2 alchemists and 1 tank, and that the 5 players remaining are made up only dps (it is the most optimal). • Using pots of increased life and concoctions of damage, will facilitate the whole process of the raid (they will give more life to their players and therefore finish the raid in the shortest possible time). By controlling these two situations you will achieve an excellent raid without spending hearts: 1. The tank must take the boss to the top (yellow circle) this will generate more stability to tank the boss. Do not take the boss to the center because this will cause the boss to be in constant movement, which may harm your companions either in life wear or assured death. 1. To avoid this type of situation when the boss casts his poison aura skill, and your whole party dies, only the tank and the heal should stay inside the poison cloud, while their dps will come out of it, guaranteeing Don't waste hearts. 2. To avoid this type of situation when the boss casts his poison aura skill, and your whole party dies, only the tank and the heal should stay inside the poison cloud, while their dps will come out of it, guaranteeing Don't waste hearts. Raid - SpiderQueen [ NORMAL ] The spider raid is one of the most complicated so far, its mechanics are simple but quite complex to memorize. • Has an area skill like the red circle of the turtle, difference is that here are some thorns. • The burst skill is similar to that of the World Boss Decayra. The burst appears after each circle, the recommended thing here is that once the circle appears you walk away. • Finally there is one of the most dangerous skills which is the summoning of large and small spiders after every 3 circles. In this case the small spiders are the most dangerous since they apply the effect put 3 random players to sleep, plus when they die they explode and do a lot of damage including a delay effect. A tip for this is that every time the spiders are going to appear you use the scroll from the guild store that cancels the effects of sleeping and stun, so you can escape more easily without receiving that effect that it would kill you. ANOMALIES ZONE QUEST General information The anomaly zone quests are guild activities, but despite being quests they are even more complicated than the raids themselves, since they depend on various factors both on the luck of finding the anomalies and on the number of players that will help you search. Important fact: It has a limited time after you activate it. Aspects to take into account, once you start the quest make sure to tell your members not to touch the NPC that activates time, since most likely they will all be gathered at the same point If for some reason they exceed the minimum number of players on the same channel and appear on another alternate, it is not to worry as the anomalies will also appear on that channel. Important fact: Something that you should keep in mind is that when talking to the NPC once the anomalies are activated, you must also pick up the equipment, because if you do not select it you will only be able to see the anomalies but not grab them. In case it's your first time and you don't know what to look for, I've attached a screenshot of the anomalies (they're the glowing purple aura), they're usually found everywhere (a rock, a mob, a bush, etc.). a tree, etc.). ANOMALIES BOSSES TIP Remember that depending on the number of players that enter the cave, this will be the indicator of the boss's life, the more players, the more life of the boss. Case 1. 15 players (2 alchemists, 3 shadows, 2 tanks, 5 hunters, 3 wizards) Case 2. 9 players (2 alchemists, 2 shadows, 1 tank, 2 hunters, 2 wizards) According to the above, everything will depend on the choice of the leader, since more players may mean more damage, but the risk of organizing many players is greater, so the ideal is to manage a small team. At the scale level, the most complicated bosses are those of lvl 18, that is why I will give them only guidelines about these two bosses. BOSS RA´HUSH (LVL 18) Only the following two things should be known about this boss: • The bleeding area skill is very powerful, which is why alchemists must be aware that the tank does not die, so their cures should only be focused on it. • The second skill deals with an instakill that kills when playing that you select is practically an instakill. Curious fact for the shadows: In the boss of Valley of Skulls when the boss selects you to cast the skill, the shadow just by becoming invi makes the boss not finish it off, which guarantees that no one dies at that moment. Observe the image. BOSS FIRE -EYE For the hugged high ground boss, all you have to do is position yourself behind the boss and the tank in front as shown in the image. The rest is part of the process of the tank dodging the bursts.
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