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Found 4 results

  1. PopRevolt


    Greetings! Introducing a new guild on the block - Absalom! The guild is named after my rather notorious warlock from Warspear-Sapphire. I am the founder of Sithlords on that server, which is the best MC guild to this day. I stopped playing warspear quite a few years ago, but have somewhat recently begun spending a lot of time in Skylore. I aim to make this guild a great and notorious guild similar to how Sithlords was run in warspear (if any of you are familiar with that). We will have an active discord, and eventually cause havoc on the server, farming bosses, spamming arena, and overall having a great time irritating the neighbors. Drop me a line in game @PopRevolt or come say hi on our discord channel which can be found at the bottom of the guild's official website: https://www.absalomguild.com/ Hope to see some early adopters who have faith in my vision and leadership abilities, as I am looking for some assistants to collaborate with and make this guild the best it can be! Cheers!
  2. Caotikus


    A change that would bring many positives would be an alliance system for guilds. Guilds already form an alliance, however, the game does not have any mechanics for this. An alliance system would boost world pvp and guilds would have more relevance. Here's a tip.
  3. Puppymaster


    HI there. Before like year ago there we couldn't to join or creat a guild! Its one day I have joined skylore again and playing. Idk if we can join guild or create one now?! If not please make it available so we can get friends/alies who playing together & helping eachother Would be more intersted cause right now i feel so lonely in the game . Only some russian guys talking barely on world chat. But if we be able to make one guild or join one it would help alot. #puppymaster
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