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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, newer player here, roughly been on for about a month(?) now, maining a Nox Mage (Lvl14)...just want some general tips, advice, etc if anyone could offer? Couple key points; tips for arena? Holy hell, why is it so hard to win? Skillwise I Godstomp every player I've encountered, but it just doesn't matter I get wrecked by bads. Also, is there a efficient way to level up faster WITHOUT spending money in their greedy and overpriced shop?
  2. Effective Level (Grow Smart) Different areas and instances in the game might have “Level Downscaling '' like PvEvP areas, Dungeons or Raids (Where your current Level is lowered) Or "Level Upscaling" which is currently present at arena matches, where it's meant to reduce the disparity between the contenders by upscaling the Lv of all players to that of the highest Lvl player in the match. This mechanic in skylore is named as “Effective Level”, is meant to keep the game competitive at all levels and to maintain the relevance of the content at all times. Essentially most of the time you will spend in the game revolves around the accommodation of your character lv to suit the content. This gameplay experience might be troublesome, confusing and sometimes frustrating, so I will try to explain some concepts that will help you have an easier time in your journey through Skylore. To begin this guide I want to state an important fact to keep in mind while you read all of this: What does that mean? And how do I know if I'm strong for my level? To answer this question we will focus on three aspects to evaluate your real strength: 1.Ability strength or Damage 2.Health 3.Special attributes ----------------------------------- 1. Damage and Ability Strength To explain this, I will introduce a concept that in this guide we will call "Level Capacity" or "LC" for convenience. LC: How far have you progressed through your Lv? Each character Lv in this game has a certain amount of "Mastery" obtainable before you actually Lv Up. This is essentially how much of the potential available to your Lv you are actually using. While your total "Mastery" is essentially an indicator of the overall strength of a character, we will use the mastery required to progress to the next level as a measure of LC attained. Let's give an example: This is important to know because it's one of the many things the game takes into consideration to measure and upscale your character against higher Level enemies. So, in an Arena match upscaled to Lv30 a character of Lv22 with LC 50% is weaker than a Lv21 with LC 90% also upscaled to Lv30 This is also relevant in Lv Downscaling too… If you are high Lv going to a zone of Lv20, the downscale applied to your character is based on your LC, so a LV20 with LC 90% might deal more damage/heal than your LV 26 at LC 20%. (That's if we were to ignore special attributes) In conclusion, even if everyone is being scaled to be on the same Lvl, there are still noticeable differences in strength due to LC, at least in terms of damage and ability strength. 1.1 Mastery Composition: How much of your current Mastery actually comes from Damage or Ability strength? As we know there are different ways to build your character, Light/Frantic, Medium/Balanced, Guardian/heavy, or just a mix of those. But there are differences in mastery even between two characters with the same build. This is because some players will prioritize weapons to Lv up, while others prioritize accessories or armor. Maybe some players have a mix of high level and low lv equipment. Or maybe, someone prioritized studying magic talents ignoring everything else in the talent tree. Perhaps you like to enchant your equipment rather than Leveling up, or you are wearing equipment without identifying it and consecutively won't have mastery from special attributes. This is the reason as to why some players could have abnormal stats for their current mastery. This stays true in the arena and any other area in the game. Seeing players with only weapons as a main way to lv up to dominate lower lv areas is not a common occurrence but they do exist. Big differences may come from those aspects, yet, if you want to dig deeper there are more details: Chestplates and Pendants cost 12% additional mastery than smaller pieces (Boots, gloves, helmet, rings, cloaks, earrings) Surprisingly they give and increment in stats beyond 12%... how much? If we compare a Chestplate to a small piece of the same kind it will give +21% Armor/Damage and +33% resilience/might/composure than smaller pieces of the same set (Heavy/medium/light). Meaning that those pieces are more effective to attain more strength without reaching the max LC. Of course, the cost of upgrading them is exceptionally higher too. Interesting enough, Heavy/Guarding variants of those great size pieces (Pendants and Chestplates), give +30% additional armor instead of +21% than small Heavy/guarding pieces. There is also an increment in special attributes, but it varies depending of the stat, so i will share some info about that in the Attributes Section at the end of the guide Another small fact.. If we talk exclusively about small size equipment, shoes and earrings are the weakest ones by a small percentage. Why? They give -12,4% less Resilience/might/composure. Essentially those are just minor details and differences, so you might be better by ignoring them altogether. ------------------------------------------ 2. Health Points (HP) Edit: Health system has been revamped in update 1.15, two weeks after this guide was published to fix the issues presented here. So this section has become outdated, skip to "Health Points Revamped" to see how the new system works. [Outdated] For your health points the games evalues you in a way similar to LC, but this time is not "Mastery" but your progress in the talent tree. (By progress I'm referring specifically to the HP Talents) Let's say that at Lv 20 there are around 25 HP talents total to study through the whole tree up to that LV. If you studied all 25, you will be a Lv20 at full capabilities with 100% of the attainable HP. So if the game were to upscale you to LV30 in arena, it will give you HP equal to a LV30 with 100% of the HP attainable for that LV. And it goes both ways: (Lv30 at 20% of the attainable HP ---> Lv 20 with 20% of the attainable HP) As players Lv up very quickly thanks to the mastery of the equipment, they unlock plenty of pages in the talent tree and consequently more HP Talents that they don't have time to Study. (Lv 20 with full hp talents comparison against rushed Lv23 player) For this reason it is very common to see matches in the arena between players with 35k HP and players with 25k HP. (Lv 27 being adjusted to Lv 30) The best strategy for players as they progress in the game is to always have the HP talents as a priority to avoid such disastrous disadvantages: A small detail about HP, is that a higher level will be considered to have higher capacity in terms of HP even if you have all talents avaliable studied. This is because, health points can also be obtained from equipment. If you increase your lv, by logic you should be able to have another extra increment of HP from equipment alone due to the extra maestry that could be obtained until you reach LC 100%. So its normal, that even if you did things right and have studied all HP talents avaliable to see your HP (At effective levels) be lower than the one you had at previous levels. In short terms the game thinks you should have HP attributes in your equipments so it treats your character as if you did have them and tries to balance those increments of HP at areas with lv scaling. This is why for some people their strongest levels are the ones where talents pages are unlocked (18, 20, 23, 26 ,29, 32, etc) [Outdated] 2.1 Health Points Revamped The new system changes how health is attained and consecuently the mechanics of how its going to be scaled or downscaled. a) Health increments are obtained each time you Level up: This means that each level has a minimum or base health predetermined by the game. Thanks to this change, whenever the game changes your effective Level you will automatically obtain the base health of the target level. So huge health disparities as shown before are not going to occur. b) Aditional Health attributes are still obtainable at the talent tree, but the increments are realtively small compared to your total health and what they used to give: Scaling: The relevant aspect here is that "Aditional health" obtained from talents do no scale upwards. If you go to an arena instance of Lv30 while being Lv20, your 1721 HP from talents will stay as 1721 HP. Only your base health will be incremented accordingly. On the other hand, these aditional health points can be scaled downwards if your effective Lv were to be lowered, yet they are still an advantage against lower lv players that dont have the complete talent tree. The importance of HP talents is not as important as before, but they cant be neglected either, 2k-4k of extra health could be what determines whether you live or die against the massive damage from certain raid bosses, ---------------------- 3. Special Attributes: (Efficiency and its technical aspects) In Skylore, each attribute (with the exception of HP and Damage/Ability strength) is measured by a percentage that represents its effectiveness. This means that at 16,000 points in defense "could" translate into 50% effective defense However, the relationship between the attribute "points" and "percentage (%)" is not linear. An incorrect analysis would be to assume that: If 16,000 = 45%, then for every 1000 points you will get an extra 2.8%, and therefore 32,000 points = 90% effective defense. (But this is incorrect) This is because of two reasons: 3.1. Stat Adjustment: Each attribute has a predetermined limit set by the game. It's important to know that these values are just theoretical and can't be achieved by normal means in a logical build. They do exist as part of the game structure, but you may realize that obtaining them is not possible in a functional character. So you may as well just forget that they exist at all In practice real limits are way below those percentages, the real limits are the ones that we will refer to in this guide Those are just some of the real values, but it's actually difficult to determine so I'm just giving a few of them as an example. (If you want to contribute with information about the real limits please share in the comments) These limits stay the same throughout all levels, whether it's Lv 8 or Lv 35, neither can get a stat higher than the predetermined limit (At least in terms of equipment). Why is this possible? The reason has to do with the idea of maintaining balance or appropriate gameplay throughout all levels of the game. For example, a low-level guardian needs to be able to tank early area bosses, and to do this, it needs high defense. But to allow low-level players to reach this 55% defense, the requirements to obtain it must be lower than in higher levels. This is why the amount of points needed to obtain 45% or 50% effective defense changes depending on the level in the game you're in. So 16,000 ≠ 55%, for Lv6 it's possible that with only 2000 = 55%. (It goes without saying that obtaining 2000 points of defense at a low level is not an easy task, just as getting 16,000 points at Lv20) This is because the adjustment to the requirements is automatically done each time you Level up. (You can check your stat page before and after to see the small loss of percentage) 3.2. Stat logarithmic behavior: As your character approaches the attribute limit, the percentage obtained for each added point of attribute decreases. This means that the difficulty of increasing the percentage increases with the accumulation of a specific attribute. For that reason, while we can assure that in "Lv20" 16,000 points are equivalent to a 45% defense, we cannot state that 1000 points is equal to 2.8% If we suppose that there is a limit for defense at 50%, the point-percentage relationship for this case would look something like this: (This is an example with arbitrary values, but it reflects the approximate behavior of stats in the game.) Note: We are specifically talking about equipment attributes. Skills, consumables and other external variables can increment attributes above these values temporarily. From this we get two important conclusions: 1- In some cases maximizing an attribute is not necessarily the best option. As you accumulate one specific stat the increase in % slows down. And the cost benefit ratio gets worse. 2- By leveling up, you will suffer from stat adjustment. So the time before you lv up, it's most likely the strongest moment for your character. Going by what we explained in this guide, at LC of 90% your special attributes are also at their highest point. Note: Keep in mind that by leveling up, the content tailored for your character is going to increment its difficulty. The best example for this are gorgor contracts. If you can keep your character at LC 90%, your damage, stats, and everything else are going to be strong enough to obtain good results in it. But if you happen to Lv up, even tought the stat adjustment affect only your attributes and not your base damage, the Lv of the enemies are going to be higher and consecuently their HP. And again you are on the run to obtain proper base damage for your new Lv to get the results you used to have before leveling up. 3.3. Stat effectiveness: Secondary stats such as dodge, defense, critical chance, etc. Have different intensity depending on the type of equipment. Yet they will all give the same amount of Mastery… So, are you choosing your stats in an efficient way to get the most advantage possible? As a golden rule, one would think to always choose the attribute with the highest intensity to get the highest amount available for that specific set. Note: You may have noticed that "Class Attributes" and "Resistance Reduction / Armor Penetration" are not present in this table, thats because the effectivenes of such attributes its the same for all equipments (4 stars). While this is mostly true, the logarithmic behavior of special attributes and the real effectiveness in gameplay according to our class makes all of this a challenging decision. Now.. If we think of small size equipment (Boots, rings, gloves, helmets, cloaks, earrings), the stat will be the same on all pieces as long as they have the same Intensity, and it's different in great size equipment: Chestplates and Pendants give a greater amount of special attributes than small size equipment. But here is where it gets a bit tricky, the increment it's not the same for all stats. Highlighting the relevant data about this: 1- Instinct gives the same amount whether it is on a chest/gloves/boots. (Dont know if its intended or just a bug, but as of now hunters should look for a different stat on Chestplates to get better benefits) and it has the lowest effect on Helmets 2- Class attributes stats have the lowest effect of all stats when applied on Chestplates 3- Health and CD have higher intensity on Chestplates than it has on pendants Knowing all about special attributes, your strength in this section will depend on your ability to choose the best combination of attributes that: -Suit your class and gameplay -Keeps the highest amount of intensity but also maintains a good ratio of Percentage/points. (That's something that I will not dive in this short guide as it requires a deeper analysis and it's specific to every player) 4. Conclusion and final thoughts: This guide is not meant to change the way you play, but to work as a short introduction to some of the technical aspects from the game. Its not the idea to maintain your character strong at all times, because that could be considered a waste of time and resources if you are aiming to reach top levels as soon as possible. A better approach with all this information is to know “when” your character is strong, and maybe take advantage of those moments or to understand the reason for some of the disadvantages present against other players. To some people these mechanics are not very relevant since other factors such as experience, amount of secondary stats, passive and active skills learned, chaos shards, etc, could be more influential to determine if you win or lose. So this is just a small contribution to a simple but at the same time complex game that is skylore. Made by Disperpetual (Darkill Guild)
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