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Found 1 result

  1. The dungeon system in this game kinda irritated than any other games. Skylore gave us a dungeon with large and long map + VERY difficult mobs + no teleport option, and the worst is it's only for 10 minutes. So, I have 3 suggestions that could, must, should be add to the game : 1. You can add a teleport option. When the team has found the location of the boss, a teleportation will appear from the starting position to the boss's place directly. So that when a friend dies, they can go directly to the boss. Just imagine, the path from the starting position to the end of the map will takes 1-2 minutes 😐. 2. Add more minutes. That's okay if the difficulty of the mobs does not change but, at least give us MORE TIME. Walking in the game is a pain—too slow, meanwhile the boss's position always far from the starting position. 3. If 2 above is a bad idea, then maybe the difficulty of the mobs need to be nerf. And.. I always failed to do dungeons just because this problems : times up. 😢😢
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