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  1. Welcome Players 👏 __________________ This time I'll show all the tips and trick to you in one post, take your popcorn and milk, sit down and watch carefully. 🔶 Dungeons Map System 🔶 Every dungeon maps always have 6 room Where 1 room for main boss, 2 room for mini boss and 3 room for average mobs. The way to reach the main boss only by this formula 👉2 average mobs, 1 mini boss, and after that you will meet the main boss. All you have to do just always remember those formula no matter if it starts with the mini boss first in your first room, the formula always the same. 👈 🔶 Dungeons Chest Rewards System 🔶 If you wants to get the maximum reward chest on dungeon use the auto queue dungeon, do not search for party dungeon on world chat This way probably take some time but when you finish it you get the chest that according to your level, even if the members of your party are lower than you. You can do it while doing your daily quests to manage your time. 🔶 VIGOR 🔶 Vigor can be check on top left of your character when you check character profile on top left of main screen. 👇Vigor information👇 . Win arena increase 300 points Complete dungeon increase 1000 points Kill one mob reduced 100 points 🔶 World boss chest for every class🔶 If you stressed because didn't get any chest from world boss here are the tips for every class. 👉 Guardian, all you need to do only to take and survive from the boss damage, if your low level this is good for you let the higher level tank taunt the boss you just have to take the damage from the boss and survive till the boss fall 👉 Shadow, it's also easy if you are shadow all you need to do only do a damage to the boss, hit and run, repeat it until the boss fall 👉Hunter, it's still the same as a shadow, the damager only have to focus on give a damage to the boss and don't forget survive till the boss fall. 👉 Mage, Mage also have the same role like hunter and shadow as a DPS. 👉 Alchemist, it's job is very simple didn't have to give too much damage to the boss, but only have to heal everybody around or themselves as much as possible. TO BE CONTINUE
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