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Found 2 results

  1. PopRevolt


    Greetings! Introducing a new guild on the block - Absalom! The guild is named after my rather notorious warlock from Warspear-Sapphire. I am the founder of Sithlords on that server, which is the best MC guild to this day. I stopped playing warspear quite a few years ago, but have somewhat recently begun spending a lot of time in Skylore. I aim to make this guild a great and notorious guild similar to how Sithlords was run in warspear (if any of you are familiar with that). We will have an active discord, and eventually cause havoc on the server, farming bosses, spamming arena, and overall having a great time irritating the neighbors. Drop me a line in game @PopRevolt or come say hi on our discord channel which can be found at the bottom of the guild's official website: https://www.absalomguild.com/ Hope to see some early adopters who have faith in my vision and leadership abilities, as I am looking for some assistants to collaborate with and make this guild the best it can be! Cheers!
  2. When previously searching for a guild,I came across two challenges and had to search for prospective guilds manually. It would be very useful to have two features added in the search. This would also allow newer players to easily apply to guilds that fit into their schedule and lifestyle, engaging them as players for longer in the game community. 1) Guild activity/raid time 2) Guild language 1) Guild activity/raid time: All guilds have an agreed upon time with their members when they do raids, anomaly activities and at times guild quests together. The most important thing is knowing that this time is in line with a player's free time outside of work/school and family life. Each guild leader should be able to update this in a specific field which would then be picked up as a search parameter under guild search. 2) Guild language: I was unable to find a similar language related search parameter. From a personal point of view, I do not speak Russian, Portuguese or French fluently, so my search was focused on English speaking guilds. I had to manually check each guild's notes to see what was the pre-dominant language. Instead, the guild leader could primary and/or secondary language which could feature in guild search as a search parameter. I hope this is considered for QoL changes to improve in game experience.
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