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Upcoming Changes - Guild Tournament

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Luck smile you! Rufrus see future and tell you for bit of gold!

Them Guilds prepare for tournaments. Before use trick to win, fight in street, give good Gorgor hard trade. Now they make rules! Smart move! Now they know tournament time and buy many potion from Gorgor to win!


Get ready for an epic new challenge – the Guild Tournaments are coming to Skylore with Update 1.28! This seasonal ranked event will allow you to showcase the power of your Guild and compete against others for the top spot! Excited for the details? Check out the Forum!

Battle Preparations

To register for the Tournament, participating Guilds must learn a special Talent and select a region for competition. Regions are designed to make it easier for players across different time zones – there are no restrictions on which region your Guild can select, so the choice is yours! However, each region will have its own ladders, schedules, and opponents.


Once the Tournament Season begins, Guild Leaders will be able to select the most convenient time slot for their Guild in each region. Match times will be scheduled based on these preferences — but if two Guilds choose different times, the game will find a middle ground that works for both parties.


Your opponent will be automatically selected based on your region and past performance, so the better you play throughout the Tournament, the tougher your opponents will become in each match!

Battle Modes

All battles take place in special locations and are limited to one mode. Each clash is a series of rounds, and any Guild member can join the fight. You must win multiple rounds to claim victory.


This first Guild Tournament Season introduces a new battleground focused on capturing areas, where points are scored for killing enemy Guild members, and the number of points is based on how many territories your Guild controls at a given time.


The battle continues until one Guild reaches the score goal or time runs out. The highest score takes the crown, but if it’s a tie – the win goes to the Guild with the best overall battle performance. You’ll even be able to see everyone’s scores at the end of each match in a new, handy table format coming with the update!


There’s even more to come, as we plan to introduce new locations and battle modes in future Guild Tournament Seasons! Without giving too much away, you can expect to see modes like Classic Battle, Zone Defense, Survival, and more. We’ll let you know more when the time is right!


At the end of each Guild Tournament Season, winners will receive Valor Tokens and regional Medals. As a reminder, we’re still expanding and redesigning the Guild Store, so these Valor Tokens will come as a sweet prize!




The Guild Tournaments promise fierce showdowns! We’ll keep you posted with more details and screenshots as they become available. Remember, all of this is still in development, so things may change before the final release. We look forward to your feedback and questions in the comments below!


See you in the game!

The Skylore Team

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