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  1. quenster

    Map interaction

    Great suggestion! Having the ability to pin point a location and use the auto walk feature would help a lot.
  2. On SkyLore when you start the game it takes you to the last place you played on the previous session. My suggestion is to make the start of a session similar of what we have on Warspear Online, by loading the character list instead of loading automatically the game.
  3. Any time you accept a new quest, a box pop up for you to track it down and you can track any quest on the quests menu. Than hit the auto-travel button to go to the destination of the quest you selected to track. Devs, I find this mechanic very usefull and perfect for a mmorpg since most games uses the "auto" function for auto-battle and on SkyLore is just to move to a destination, all the battle is made manual. PERFECT!
  4. Olá. O jogo ainda encontra-se na fase Alpha, portanto muita coisa mudará e adicionada. No momento a partir do LVL8 o jogador tem que focar nas demais atividades disponíveis como Arena e Masmorras, além do grind (farme) nos monstros. Note que no Hub de Atividades, ícone da estrela há uma relação de atividades a serem concluídas que garantem pontos de atividade para avançar na temporada. O objetivo na fase de testes é explorar ao máximo o que está disponível, afim de poder avaliar o progresso do jogo e ajudar no combate aos bugs presentes. Como em todo MMORPG, o grind é fundamental para avançar. Hora de matar monstros para ganhar xp e usar dos drops para upar os equips e talentos.
  5. Please note that the game is currently on its Alpha stage and many things will change and be added prior to launch. After LVL8, you need to explore the game by grinding mobs, arena and dungeons to gain xp. Keep on hitting mobs to gain xp and drops to level up your equips and talents, this way you level up. It takes a while, it does, but its the definition of gringing!
  6. Had a busy day on the 27. But now I'm ready for testing and provide feedback! Let's GO!
  7. Looking forward to it and hopefully this alpha test I'll be able to join and provide valuable feedback. Please don't forget latam region 😉
  8. Looking forward for development news and the next BETA stage. Also hoping for the BETA to be open to all regions. Wanna test the game and provide valuable feedback to the developers =)
  9. Hope to see Brazil on the next open BETA phase. Looking forward to test the game and provide valuable feedback.
  10. Nice! I'll be delightful to join this open beta and provide valuable feedback. Looking forward to it 😉
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