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  1. So far the game is good (awesome) but need to: 1- keep the daily rewards (50 blue coins) 2- keep the season rewards 3- improve the rogue damage that is low in comparison with the hunter and mage at the same level 4- keep the daily quests 5- add clock to the quest menu so that players know how long until daily quest screen. If u don't add clock at least find a way to end it. 6- keep the good work.
  2. Deimus84

    Delete Char

    I have try to delete more than 5 times one char. Ever time that i hit Delete he disappear but appears back. That all. Note: Awesome game u already got at least one player me. I really like that u do Debian version please.
  3. And my wish is gender change scroll or NPC.
  4. Please can Aigrind make a version for Debian, Windows and Mac because some players have small screen smartphones. Thank you.
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