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  1. Eagirly waiting for the game to launch... My hands have started shaking im losing my patience Please release the game ASAP..
  2. Keatz

    New Boss

    Is this some kind of a new boss??? It was easy to kill but didn't drop anything & moreover I thought it might be a bug..we waited for this boss to respawn after the first kill but other boss(mili militia Archer) respawn..so i just wanna make sure whether it is a new boss or bug... & Btw it's a lv 14 boss...
  3. Keatz

    Location Bug

    Yes exactly...
  4. Keatz

    Location Bug

    Recently found an error i.e Location bug ,it happens sometimes though ..like when we teleport it loads but then we happen to stuck on the same place or after completing the arena we are automatically tp to other locations.. Please Fix this tysm..
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