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  1. PopRevolt


    Greetings! Introducing a new guild on the block - Absalom! The guild is named after my rather notorious warlock from Warspear-Sapphire. I am the founder of Sithlords on that server, which is the best MC guild to this day. I stopped playing warspear quite a few years ago, but have somewhat recently begun spending a lot of time in Skylore. I aim to make this guild a great and notorious guild similar to how Sithlords was run in warspear (if any of you are familiar with that). We will have an active discord, and eventually cause havoc on the server, farming bosses, spamming arena, and overall having a great time irritating the neighbors. Drop me a line in game @PopRevolt or come say hi on our discord channel which can be found at the bottom of the guild's official website: https://www.absalomguild.com/ Hope to see some early adopters who have faith in my vision and leadership abilities, as I am looking for some assistants to collaborate with and make this guild the best it can be! Cheers!
  2. Hello , I've been playing Skylore online for a while now and I have about 300 in-game hours spread around all my charcters so here are the tips and tricks I learned throughout my journey that will prevent you from doing the same mistakes I did in the beggining and hopefully help you progress faster ! How to level up in the early game (Properly) - At first it looks like an easy task that doesn't need much explaining , but you you are wrong! The game doesn't forgive mistakes in the early game and If you don't follow these tips you will waste a lot of time , resources! It will considerably slow your progression leaving you to wonder what to do next and constantly have the feeling of being stuck on the same level for ages. 1. Do not upgrade your common gear ! The common gear you get from the begging of the game will be used only for a short amount of time after which you will swap it for uncommon gear which you can get from arena or dungeon chests. These Uncommon gear pieces give a bonus stat that can be either: - Resilience for PvP (arena and open world) - Composure for PvE (extra damage on weaker mobs) - Might for PvE ( extra damage on Bosses) BONUS TIP: Its easy to complete arena in the first leagues (4-9 , 10-13) and its the fastest way to get uncommon gear pieces thats why i suggest you to start doing it as soon as you get access. 2. Talent Tree progression and chaos shards. On the talent page the most important thing to get first is the skill , secondly the chaos shards and after that everything else ! Chaos Shards are used to upgrade abilities , which make your charcter a lot stronger (Both for PvP and PvE). 3. Do dungeons to get more KNOWLEDGE ! Knowledge is an essential resource in the game , because it is used to gain permanent mastery by learning talents such as new abilities , passives , chaos shards and its also used for enchancing , reforging and combining gear pieces. To boost your progression to the SKIES you should farm mostly dungeon chests as begginer that way you get lots of knowledge by unlocking them every 3 hours. BONUS TIP: You will need at least one alchemist to complete dungeons fast and efficiently! 4. Using Soul Shards efficienctly. Soul shards are used to cleanse the trasures that you get from the adamante caves. DO NOT use them to cleanse grey treasures its a waste of resources ! Cleanse Epic treasures (dropped from world bosses) , because they are the most VALUABLE - opening them provides you with Defense orbs and Adamante crystals that are used for enchaning and reforging items(also you can sell them for extra gold , but I don't recommend it). Anther option is Uncommon treasures (dropped from cave mini-bosses) they give you a little bit better loot than the grey trasures. Focus on the chests that give knowledge instead of gold. 5. How To efficiently use Vigor ? Vigor is consumed after killing a mob. If you can defeat a mob on your own (even if its harder) DO IT , because you will get more resources that way - if you do it with another player you will get only 50 % of the rewards from the kill. High Level players usually farm mobs that are outside the adamante cave receiving knowledge and gold per every kill and ocassionaly a "Gorgor Contract" as drop - its more efficient method of farming. Also try to spend your vigor before doing your daily quests. There are a lot of people at these zones and it will be hard to solo kill a mob. Vigor is recharged by doing arena , dungeons or battlefields. (For 20000 Vigor you can get about 2000-3000 knowledge and gold or more ) BONUS TIP: If you don't have enough space and keep getting a full inventory use the FREE diamonds the game gives you to buy more inventory slots! 6. Join a Guild. Guilds are a great way to boost your progress ! Advanced and active guilds give you acces to passives such as increased gold and knowledge intake , more loot drops , stats boosts and much more. Also if the guild has raid talent unlocked and active members to do it you can get more resources and valuable items from doing a raid! Don't Forget to contribue to your guild by doing the daily guild assignments which reward you with tokens to use in the guild shop and help the guild to grow! WARNING: Most advanced and active guilds that have raids unlocked usually look for players that are at least level 12! 7. Extra Daily Quests You will receive an extra daily quest at levels 13 and 16- If you are close to or have the resources to reach it DO IT as soon as you can because it gives you acces an extra daily quest that you can run twice every day (1 per 12 h) which increaseas your daily income and youprogress a lot quicker! BONUS TIP(CREDIT : Rogravi ) : At level 23 YOU DON'T get an extra daily quest , BUT your first quest UPGRADES! 8. STOP overusing potions ! Potions can be useful , but they are not a must in order to progress or survive. Also they can become sinkhole for your gold if you use them too often due to their price ! The healing potions have proven to be the most useful - saving you in tough situations which reduces your repairing costs , but only use them if you cannot survive without one ! The Strenght/Health boost potions can be used rarely for harder tasks such as completing "Gorgor Contracts" or when fighting "World Bosses/Raids" which makes them unnecessary to progress. 9. Look for a party or create one. If you struggle to progress in arena league or dungeon runs keep failing due to people retreating try looking for a party or create one! A lot of people are looking for parties in world chat who have difficulties completing these tasks , but you can manage do them together. You will also meet awesome people and possibly make new friends along the way to level together and who knows maybe even you might get invited to join a guild! BONUS TIP : Tavern is usually not used by many people , but i think it deserves to be used more often! 10. Dungeon Floors - Most of the time you need to pass 3 floors and meet the main boss of the dungeon on the 4th floor - If you have reached the 4th floor , but you don't see the main boss you should go back a floor or two and find another path instead of starting a fight , because it will be a waste of time and as we all know the dungeon time is LIMITED to 11min. BONUS TIP: Sometimes the mini-boss rooms can be skipped and you can go to the next floor if you don't trigger boss aggro when walking.
  3. Raid - A'Nuin The Great [ NORMAL - HARD ] Although the mechanics are announced in the description of the boss is quite difficult to achieve successfully, especially if it is your first time as a guild, so I will explain the following recommendations: • Prioritize in case of being players with lvl less than 15 take with him 2 alchemists and 1 tank, and that the 5 players remaining are made up only dps (it is the most optimal). • Using pots of increased life and concoctions of damage, will facilitate the whole process of the raid (they will give more life to their players and therefore finish the raid in the shortest possible time). By controlling these two situations you will achieve an excellent raid without spending hearts: 1. The tank must take the boss to the top (yellow circle) this will generate more stability to tank the boss. Do not take the boss to the center because this will cause the boss to be in constant movement, which may harm your companions either in life wear or assured death. 1. To avoid this type of situation when the boss casts his poison aura skill, and your whole party dies, only the tank and the heal should stay inside the poison cloud, while their dps will come out of it, guaranteeing Don't waste hearts. 2. To avoid this type of situation when the boss casts his poison aura skill, and your whole party dies, only the tank and the heal should stay inside the poison cloud, while their dps will come out of it, guaranteeing Don't waste hearts. Raid - SpiderQueen [ NORMAL ] The spider raid is one of the most complicated so far, its mechanics are simple but quite complex to memorize. • Has an area skill like the red circle of the turtle, difference is that here are some thorns. • The burst skill is similar to that of the World Boss Decayra. The burst appears after each circle, the recommended thing here is that once the circle appears you walk away. • Finally there is one of the most dangerous skills which is the summoning of large and small spiders after every 3 circles. In this case the small spiders are the most dangerous since they apply the effect put 3 random players to sleep, plus when they die they explode and do a lot of damage including a delay effect. A tip for this is that every time the spiders are going to appear you use the scroll from the guild store that cancels the effects of sleeping and stun, so you can escape more easily without receiving that effect that it would kill you. ANOMALIES ZONE QUEST General information The anomaly zone quests are guild activities, but despite being quests they are even more complicated than the raids themselves, since they depend on various factors both on the luck of finding the anomalies and on the number of players that will help you search. Important fact: It has a limited time after you activate it. Aspects to take into account, once you start the quest make sure to tell your members not to touch the NPC that activates time, since most likely they will all be gathered at the same point If for some reason they exceed the minimum number of players on the same channel and appear on another alternate, it is not to worry as the anomalies will also appear on that channel. Important fact: Something that you should keep in mind is that when talking to the NPC once the anomalies are activated, you must also pick up the equipment, because if you do not select it you will only be able to see the anomalies but not grab them. In case it's your first time and you don't know what to look for, I've attached a screenshot of the anomalies (they're the glowing purple aura), they're usually found everywhere (a rock, a mob, a bush, etc.). a tree, etc.). ANOMALIES BOSSES TIP Remember that depending on the number of players that enter the cave, this will be the indicator of the boss's life, the more players, the more life of the boss. Case 1. 15 players (2 alchemists, 3 shadows, 2 tanks, 5 hunters, 3 wizards) Case 2. 9 players (2 alchemists, 2 shadows, 1 tank, 2 hunters, 2 wizards) According to the above, everything will depend on the choice of the leader, since more players may mean more damage, but the risk of organizing many players is greater, so the ideal is to manage a small team. At the scale level, the most complicated bosses are those of lvl 18, that is why I will give them only guidelines about these two bosses. BOSS RA´HUSH (LVL 18) Only the following two things should be known about this boss: • The bleeding area skill is very powerful, which is why alchemists must be aware that the tank does not die, so their cures should only be focused on it. • The second skill deals with an instakill that kills when playing that you select is practically an instakill. Curious fact for the shadows: In the boss of Valley of Skulls when the boss selects you to cast the skill, the shadow just by becoming invi makes the boss not finish it off, which guarantees that no one dies at that moment. Observe the image. BOSS FIRE -EYE For the hugged high ground boss, all you have to do is position yourself behind the boss and the tank in front as shown in the image. The rest is part of the process of the tank dodging the bursts.
  4. ARRO₩

    New boss

    Queria saber como faz para nasce o novo boss DARAYKA e em quanto tempo ele nasce responda aí pois muitos players estão se perguntando ainda
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