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Unique Guild System


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Hello admins. Since you guys wants a new features in this game, I have a suggestion regarding the Guild System.

Why not make a different types of guild? Like a guild for PK lovers or Monster hunting lovers or etc... Every types of guild have different Guild quest/mission. Doing guild quest/mission earns a guild points which is use to level up the guild. Guild points can also be determine the rankings of guilds. I'll list down the types of guild I have been thinking.

Warrior's Guild = A guild for Open PvP and Player killing (PK) lovers. Guild quests are killing other players/faction/race.

Adventure's Guild = This is like the normal guild nowadays. Guild quests are doing the arena/dungeon/battlefield or some quest(like daily quest).

Hunter's guild = A guild for PvE lovers. Guild quests are hunting monsters.

I hope you guys consider it. Thank you and more power!

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