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PVE Open Raid


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Idea: A new type of raid, PVE only, open to all not only guildies, that opens once every hour and can support up to 40 players


Interface location: Create a new tab on arena/dungeon/battlefield, can call it Raid.

Rules to enter: Every full hour the raid will be available, you must register to enter it, once it reaches 40 players or 5 min after the start, it will launch. 
If the total players don’t reach a few conditions it won’t launch, like it has less than 20 players, or less than 2 tanks or 4 healers.

Interface windows: When it opens you can see how many players and the total by class that have registered. No one can launch it manually, it will launch itself.
You can choose from three levels of difficulty, lvl 4-11, 12 -15, and 16+. Everyone that enters the raid will be lvl up to the top level of the difficult range. So, in the end you will have a level 11, 15, and 34 raid. If that is too much work just create 2 levels because you can get to lvl 12 in a couple of days now, just make it lvl 12 to register.

Gameplay: Use the same concept of random map generation of the Dungeons, should have trash mobs, 1 mini boss and 1 final boss. Make the rooms impossible to progress further until you beat it. The time frame would be up to 15min. The difficulty should be hard enough that you must have the tanks, healers and dps working hard. There are tons of ideas for raids boss, make one for DPS check, or Tank/healer check with crazy auto attack dmg, multi tanks bosses, crazy area spells (positive and negative), make it have clickers, wave of adds, and so on. Well.. just copy from well-known MMORPGs.
Make some rules about afk players. Or if you die more than 3 times you are removed from the raid.

Reward: It could give a chest that uses the same engine that has dungeon and arena chest. What is inside the chest… up to you.

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