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Shrink all arena maps except tower defence map. Arena maps should be shrink and reduce bush or fog to 1 only. Aside from tower defence. Other maps should be focused on battles and not to tolerate, run, hide and attack. This is not a strategy. This is just cowardness. Many players are doing this too much due to too much room for running and hiding. This is turning into hide and seek or chasing mode. Please shrink all arena maps. 

Also make mages enable to use clones even without target and not to disappear when no enemy or target. This is not unfair. Aside from shadows, hunters arent weak at all. They have high dmg same as the other two dps class. But why their summons can stay without any target unlike mages. Yeah clones can taunt but other classes too. its not just mages and guardians that have taunt. Those players just arent reading skill at all. They arent blind but just super lazy. They just dont know how to use their class properly. At least make it durational. 

and last, please do something about boss like bala and gnawer. Its lagging theyre too many players plus with those clones and pets. Not to mention the skills. Just enable us to at least be able to remove player’s skill effects, clones and pets when on bosses like bala, gnawer and other’s vicinity. 

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