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This need to get improved


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Hi there

Its really gonna make everyone tired of game...how the hell mobs stun for 10 second? Thats really funny 2mob can kill a lv20 hero lol 

And more funny lower level players got more hp than u in upper level cave just cause ur HIGHER level ... the higher one should have more hp and other statue not the lower level one .i will happily stop playing skylore if those problems won't get   fixed cause its  really hurts u die vs 16 15 level players its really bad joke tho pfffff .... 

And  about hotkeys hunter got real bad skills that only deals dmg and low dmg tho...im lv20 and i just have to remove and off 2 of my skills ...

Well honestly im pi**ed off  getting killed by lower level player over and over  again

In all online games that i've played its the higher level one who rocks not the lower so please fix it for the god! Or imma honestly delete my lv20 so i wont even be back...  im here to have fun not to get my mood in trouble just cuz of bad editions ...  

 This game is best ofc but  its more better if u just see the players comments and requests!

Thanks alot Screenshot_20200514-221848.png.df51370f573c3e6fdc817ed623306a66.png


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