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Some suggestions for the Next update in 01/08/2023


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I know a few balance changes are going to be implemented in the next update.. But i want to give my thoughts just in case.

Before the last update, the alchemist class was perfectly balanced in terms of overall contribution at Arena and it also had different playstyles related to the skills being used.

Normally the skills used for arena would be as follow:



Even though 1 skill was avaliable to be exchangeable due to the high meta importance of the other ones, it still forced alchemists to adopt different playstyles to make use of it. Such thing was possible because those skills were similar in terms of importance or difficulty to use:



Thanks to that, the alchemist became a class fun to use, master or engage with.

But that dissapeared after the last update.

The issue: imagen_2023-07-22_214612978.png.6835ce72810b8bdfe4252df61c363735.png -Potion Making skill


The balance of the four skills shown before was broken, Potion making skill became a high value option, so much that made the other ones worthless to use.

It gives a safeguard if HP goes low, its a range skill, can heal from 1% to 100% with just one tap, they cant be destroyed, and they have low CD. It has no counterside at all.

So this set of skill became the META option for the alchemist:



Besides the disruption in the balance between the skills that killed the diversity of playstyles. There was also a disruption in the balance of classes.

The alchemist class wasnt one that had survability issues, in fact it was one of the classes with the highest amount of it. So buffing the potion making skill gave additional instant heal to the class, and it was absolutely unnecesary.

Certainly the skill has to be nerfed or be completely deleted from the game.

My suggestions/options are:

1- Add a Slow/speed Debuff of 10 seconds to the caster each time it is used. (Speed its a key factor to the survability of the alchemist, so it balances the cost/benefit ratio)

2- Allow the potion entities to be deleted by scrolls

3- Give a higher cooldown, at least 30 seconds

4- Make the skill to be close range only, so the alchemist can only drop potions at 5 meters around his character.

5- Revamp the skill: Drops a huge cauldron of potion at the selected area that gives defense and gives health periodically to the players around it every 5 seconds.


I also want to give another suggestion:


This skill has instant root of 2 seconds, and gives root again after 5 seconds. 

But no one ever will happen to stay in it for more than 5 seconds, this makes the innate effect of the skill to be completelly useless.

Reduce the timer from 5 sec to 3 seconds.


And finally just a request to fix a typo that has been around for more than half a year already:WhatsAppImage2023-07-22at21_12.29(2).jpeg.619272bb14fa35f43ba7b0ee65ba405e.jpeg

Haste and speed up, has been incremented from 6 seconds to 10 seconds many months ago, but it was never corrected

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