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Suggestions/ideas skylore


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-Implanting previous seasons highest arena raiting/score TAB ( when you click on inspect


  • Race ability/passive for each race
  • Such as increased attack speed, remove CC/snare/freeze, decreased timer one learning talents (smaller percentage) /more gold per kill
  • Something that makes just that race unique and special 
  • RACE CHANGE TOKEN(self explanatory)
  • A summoner stone that takes you to the city that you have chosen. For quick and easy transportation( maybe with a cooldown timer 



Increased bag size vendor((either gold/knowledge/ or a farmable item


-BOTS (in my experience a huge problem)

They ruin and destroy pretty much everything, not moving correctly, attacking wrong target, rushing all of a sudden, then just stands still not attacking. Those are just examples above, but it’s very annoying and irritating, and I really think you developers should remove, or decrease the bots. PVP should be based on real skill. 


-This totally removes the competitive part about PVP= PLAYER VS PLAYER


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