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Meet a partner program member - Karelius

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Today we're shining the spotlight on one of our Partner Program members – Karelius. They took the time for a quick interview with us and shared a glimpse into their gaming journey. Here's what they had to say!


Link to the author's channel: https://www.youtube.com/@karel2l



What's your main character's nickname?



How long have you been playing Skylore?

Since December 2022.


What is your favorite game class? Why is that?

The Alchemist, without a doubt. It's the sheer variety of builds for different scenarios that captivates me. It's a versatile powerhouse in PvP, provides a smooth PvE experience, and it has this unique role of supporting teammates that makes it stand out.


Any mode, activity, or even an in-game costume you're fond of?

Path runs with the raised fist have a special place in my gaming routine because they always keep me on my toes. Winning takes more than just skill; it's about understanding and adapting to the environment on the fly. There's always an element of surprise, making each victory that much sweeter.

I'm also looking forward to the upcoming guild tournament.

As for costumes, the Knower Robe and Cryptogamic Cover have long been my favorites, with the recent addition of the Steam Tramp Armor.


Do you have a favorite game location?

The Path of the Faceless: Level Three is a visual treat for me with its mystical purple and red shades against the stark backdrop of the abyss. It's captivating.


Do you have any hilarious or standout Skylore moments to share?

It's tough to choose just one, but I've captured many of them, and you're welcome to check out my channel. 👇



Do you prefer playing solo or with your friends?

I find both solo and team play equally exciting. Lately, though, I've been leaning more toward team play.


What kind of videos do you make?

I delve into the many facets of PvP.


What was your crowning achievement in Skylore?

Persevering through countless failed attempts (there were toooo many) and returning to the Grotto with the raised fist, fighting all alone when I first started playing the game.


Do you have any advice for new players?

Patience is key. For the PvP fans, don't wait around for a high level – raise your fist and jump into the fray now. Skylore's dynamic level and stat system means you can hold your own against higher-level players!


Thanks to Karelius for sharing his insights. Wishing you all the best with your video adventures!


See you in the game!

Team Skylore

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