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[2021.09.03] Developers' Diaries: Adamantine Grotto: New Concept


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We are talking about the new concept of the Adamantine Grotto, which is designed to provide comfortable conditions and healthy competition for characters of different levels.

Please note that the details or names of some mechanics may change during implementation.


Sealed Items

In the updated version of the Adamantine Grotto, players will not receive gold and knowledge for killing monsters.

But why then fight other players? The answer is simple: for the opportunity to obtain Sealed items!

Sealed items are chests with useful content: knowledge, gold, equipment, etc. And they are “Sealed” because they cannot be simply opened after receiving - this requires a whole ritual! It will have to be performed strictly outside the Adamantine Grotto with the help of an expert in such items, who has the necessary knowledge to lift the seal.

The conditions for receiving the coveted award are as usual:

  • Sealed items will drop from common monsters, leaders and world bosses of the Adamantine Grotto;
  • The stronger the monster, the higher the chance of getting Sealed items for defeating it;
  • The quantity and quality of the content will depend on the level of the item, which, in turn, depends on the level of the slain monster.

But there are very important features:

  • The level of monsters depends on the level and location you choose.
  • Sealed items can be lost if your hero dies in the Grotto.

Therefore, let's figure out how the locations of the new Grotto and the nuances of battles with other players will be arranged: this will allow you to organize an adventure to your liking - whether it for a comfortable outing or an exciting challenge. With a corresponding award, of course ;)


New location structure

The entrance to the Adamantium Grotto will still be located in the Adamantium Caves. However, you have to choose one of the portals, which will take you to a location with monsters of a certain range of levels.

Each of these locations has two levels. The first will have a restriction on the minimum entry level and effective level. The second - with separate settings for the effective level and the level of monsters.

Also, it is on the second level of each of the locations that the world boss will be located. For the current high-level characters, it will be the antagonist you already know - Decayra, and we will tell about others later ;)

Please note that you will not be able to move between locations - only between the levels of the location that you have chosen.

Remember that the effective level mechanic reduces the level of the character to the level set at the location, at the same time reducing their stats. This helps to keep the content up to date and protect low-level characters from the attack of developed heroes.


So, after going through one of the portals, you find yourself in the new Adamantium Grotto. And then a surprise awaits you: the entrances and exits to the location are in different places. Now you will not be able to just look into the Grotto and hastily leave when danger is detected.

And one more thing: when entering a location, a character appears at one of the random points that are not visible to players and are not marked on the map. If members of the group enter the location, then they will all appear in the same place.

You can return to the Adamantium Caves through one of several exits. However, not all of them will be available at the same time.

The exits will be located at specific locations marked on the map. The time during which you can use this exit will also be indicated there.

In addition to the entrances and exits, at the locations of the first tier there will be transitions to the second - these passages are always active and located in certain places. Exit and entry for the locations of the second tier is carried out according to the same rules.


New rules for PvP status

To create a comfortable and fair environment in the Grotto, we will update the rules for the action of peaceful and combat statuses:

If at the moment of death of your character the peaceful status was active, then some of the sealed items you lost may fall out in the form of personal loot, which only you can pick up when you return to the place of battle.

Those who decide to make robbery their trade will have a hard time! After killing a peaceful hero, players with an active combat status will receive a temporary negative effect, the effect of which will not allow using the exit from the location or transition to another tier, and will also display the location of your character to other heroes nearby.

Heroes with any status, being at the location of the Adamantine Grotto, will not be able to queue up into the Arena or the Dungeon, as well as use Waypoints. The current queue at the time of entry will be automatically reset, and the nearest waypoint, which is also the place of resurrection of the characters, is located in the Adamantine Caves.

If you leave the game while in the Adamantine Grotto, your character will not disappear from the location immediately, but only after a while, which they will spend standing still, surrounded by monsters, players and other dangers. The death of the hero will result in the loss of some of the Sealed Items and teleport him to the Adamantine Caverns.

So: we have entered, the Sealed Items have been obtained, what's next?


Receiving a reward from Sealed Items

Farming Sealed Items is only half the trouble. While in the Adamantine Grotto, you cannot use them to receive a reward. To do this, you need to do the following:

1. Get out of the Adamantine Grotto alive.

Having collected a bunch of Sealed Items in the Grotto, you have only one sure way - to get to the Adamantine Caves in order to unseal the looted chests and get the long-awaited treasures. You could go on further, if you'd like, but the main thing is to stay alive and get out of the Grotto.
And if your character died, Items may fall out of the inventory. We are sure there will be other players who will be happy to pick them up! And they can do so :O

2. Obtain new currency.

Of course, staying alive is quite a challenge. But that's not all: the Sealed Item seeker will need a new currency to break the magical seal. And you can get it for hunting monsters and completing daily quests in the Adamant Grotto.

The assignments are likely to be similar to the current daily quests. However, there will be a couple of nuances:

  • We are planning to introduce a requirement for the level of the location to complete the goal of the tasks, so that the developed characters cannot complete them in the low-level locations of the Grotto.
  • We also want to minimize the quests that can be completed by collusion.

3. Remove the magic seal from Items.

It's time to enlist the support of an expert on Sealed Items: we perform a purification ritual with his help, open it and get a precious reward!


For now, this is all we would like to share now. We have already started some stages of the concept's implementation, but we are looking forward to your feedback: after all, it will help us improve and refine the mechanics even before the introduction into the game.

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I really like this new concept, going to grotto is going to be a fun experience whether your farm monsters or decide to PvP.

And the negative status it's great.

But my only concern is the formula that the game uses to lower the effective level of high tier heroes on a low lv zone.

Currently in a lv 10 area, players between lv 10~15 have no means to kill a player of lv20.

Even though the effective level is lowered, the difference of strength is still overwhelming.

And that's going to be a big problem.

I just hope that the "Minimum entry level and effective level" restrictions that the game is going to implement for this new concept works properly.


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