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[17.08.2022] Guild war challenge


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Friends, it’s time for a new challenge!

As we mentioned in the changelog of the last update, our team is working on new mechanics for Guild Wars — seasons and ratings.

We have already prepared a rating scoring system for participating in battles, and before implementing mechanics to the game we would like to test it. As usual we decided to combine getting statistics with nice bonuses for the players!


The gist of the challenge: you need to activate PvP status and participate in Guild Wars, defeating as many other teams as possible.

Conditions are: in order to be awarded victory over a guild, you must have the score of the completed challenge events between the teams in your favour.

First place — 3000 Guild tokens
Second place — 2000 Guild tokens
Third place — 1000 Guild tokens

There will also be additional Guild tokens rewards for active participants who don’t make it to the podium.

Don't forget that all of the Adamantine Caves, as well as Scorched Highlands and Somber Swamp are perfect for guild-to-guild mass battles - in the latest update we've expanded the channels of these territories to accommodate up two full guilds and then some!

The challenge will last from 18.01 9:00 GMT to 01.09 9:00 GMT. The wars active at the start of the challenge will also go into the statistics for the results.

Good luck, and may the best win!

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