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My take on shadow so far


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Overall its a balanced charachter, not overpowered but not underpowered, i feel with the dodge passive and increasing dodge % you can become pretty strong. In arena i have found when vsing healers you tend to struggle 1:1 (havent been able to test after i poison them as arena demand is so slow....20minutes not one match 😅), but if you 2:1 them they die pretty fast. The jump skill is okay but at some crucial times the 1second delay really puts you at a disadvantage, at the moment with invisible buff and jump, it deals 420 damage for me so the damage is pretty good. The last passive we get gives us buffs if we near people who poisioned so i recommend when upgrading skills with chaos buffs to have at least one poison buff. Battleground i have found to be semi useful but again healers seem to have a gain at the minute with incredible heals, so would recommend trying 2:1. Dungeon i have found pretty easy so far, in warspear i play a seeker with a high life steal build for dungeons which makes ir easy for me to solo some mobs, here i wouldnt recommend trying to solo nor using the jump skill too often as you can accidently aggro additional mobs. I would not recommend upgrading the invis skill to spawn a shadow of you, it is massively underpowered doing 1/3 auto damage and has 100hp so dies pretty easy and isnt significant in any dungeon battlefield or arena, nor in questing.....in fact in questing it aggro more mobs by mistake as it ran into mobs

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