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  1. I appreciate the info provided here. My only question is about weapons. I am playing rogue class. I am only level 8. Therefore I can't combine gear to raise rarity levels. I leveled my apprentice daggers to 20. But used up all duplicates in the process. Although I have since acquired a bunch of fighter daggers. And was thinking of switching once I hit level 10. So I can raise the rarity of them. I noticed at lvl 1 they have the same exact stats as the apprentice daggers. So I can only assume they somehow level differently. Is this the case? And would it be smart to switch? Or should I just wait to find level 10 daggers and use the fighter daggers as fodder? I feel like it might increase my strength quicker at level 10 to raise rarity of fighter daggers. But wondered what you're advice would be.
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