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  1. Ow owkay so the two same attribute wont add, thank u very much for answering the question that helps a lot😁😁
  2. Yes i know that it will retain its attribute.. What i dont know is what will happen if you combine two rare armor or weapon with the same attribute does the two same attribute will combine or not? For example i have two lvl20 rare destroyer weapon that has the same critical hit rating 1500 attribute so if im going to combine the two weapon and i wont use alchemy to make it epic weapon will the two same attribute combine also like for the example (1500 crit rate + 1500 crit rate = 3000crit rate when they combined) or they will not add?
  3. omssim

    Someone help!!

    Where can i see the list of rare or epic destroyer equipment attributes too see where if what is the max gives per attribute of an equipment??
  4. Hellow sir? I have a question regarding combining equipments? For example i have two rare destroyer weapon that has the same attribute.. My question is when i combine the two weapon that has the same attribute to make epic weapon does it combine also the two the same attribute or it only retain one and do not combine them?
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