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  1. I've seen many players wanting to take advantage through the passages of Grotto Adamantine One is to activate an ability while in an lvl20 area and quickly enter a smaller lvl area. (explained in test 1) See the difference in attributes when it is used in the high level area up to the low level area (see the attributes of the lowest level in the test2) Tip: Cut ALL ACTIVE SKILLS ATTRIBUTES ON BEFORE ENTERING LOWER LEVEL AREAS. Have a nice game! 2139220216_Semttulo3_540p.mp4
  2. In the quest "Swamp Delivery" It's about not counting the "goods" when you return to the Frog! @Ollie 891292481_Semttulo3_480p.mp4
  3. Good morning to you all!! Devs, the study of ancient fossils related to dinosaurs is called PALEONTOLOGY!!! Which is completely different from ARCHAEOLOGY (study of "human" traces) But even so, it's still one of my favorite areas in the game!!! :D
  4. Keeping in mind that most players finish SkyPass with a considerable amount of days left... I wanted to propose an idea Once we're done, picking up the last reward, they could add some reward for each, say, 1000 Stars Exemple: 1000 stars= 1000 gold 1000 stars= 1000knowledge Both the rewards and the necessary stars to achieve them is just one example. @Ollie
  5. Aqui está o link do meu canal, deem uma olhada!! HAVE A NICE GAME, ALL.
  6. Aqui está link do video novo que saiu no canal, espero que gostem :D
  7. Good morning. Will we still have skylore's video championships? If "yes", when? Have a nice game, cya.
  8. Good morning!! Are you guys still thinking about making a Skylore's video championship? For youtuber's creators to participate. If "Yes", when is the championship scheduled? Have a nice game. :D
  9. Put some booster for the free-play guys.
  10. Gostaria de falar a respeito das passagens em áreas PvP. Todas as vezes que há war, percebi que os inimigos ficam entrando e saindo pelas portas/passagens do mapa, para assim evitar a morte ou ganhar vantagem enquanto estiver sobre o buff de proteção. Queria sugerir uma ideia: Limitar a inda e vinda dos players em áreas PvP. Exemplo: QUANDO UM PLAYER ADENTRAR A UPPER LEVEL, ELE NÃO PODERÁ VOLTAR OU ENTRAR EM QUAISQUER PASSAGEM ATE UM DETERMINADO TEMPO (3MIN), A NÃO SER QUE MORRA. As restrições vai de agrado aos desenvolvedores. Obrigado.
  11. Se quiserem mais videos assim acessem o canal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI76kJJAWMOKRD6jMNAQ-Jg 1305886031_Semttulo11_720p.mp4
  12. Caminhando pelo Nível Inferior acabei me deparando com uns livros um pouco que curiosos ... Seria eles o Diary Of Gravity Falls?
  13. as the guild system has not yet arrived .... I was thinking of suggesting the activation of TAG ... As many members of my clan did not add the Tag as soon as they created the character, I believe that in the future it will be no different. that add a system to activate the guild tag. Exemple: CharadaGG Tag active: [ANV] CharadaGG
  14. 😅😅😅 @Ollie 864058912_Semttulo4_720p_1.mp4
  15. Carambolas! Os Noxes são extremamentes cultos! :D
  16. A historia está muito bem contada.Não vejo a hora do lançamento desse jogo espetacular! :D
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