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Found 4 results

  1. I know a few balance changes are going to be implemented in the next update.. But i want to give my thoughts just in case. Before the last update, the alchemist class was perfectly balanced in terms of overall contribution at Arena and it also had different playstyles related to the skills being used. Normally the skills used for arena would be as follow: Even though 1 skill was avaliable to be exchangeable due to the high meta importance of the other ones, it still forced alchemists to adopt different playstyles to make use of it. Such thing was possible because those skills were similar in terms of importance or difficulty to use: Thanks to that, the alchemist became a class fun to use, master or engage with. But that dissapeared after the last update. The issue: -Potion Making skill The balance of the four skills shown before was broken, Potion making skill became a high value option, so much that made the other ones worthless to use. It gives a safeguard if HP goes low, its a range skill, can heal from 1% to 100% with just one tap, they cant be destroyed, and they have low CD. It has no counterside at all. So this set of skill became the META option for the alchemist: Besides the disruption in the balance between the skills that killed the diversity of playstyles. There was also a disruption in the balance of classes. The alchemist class wasnt one that had survability issues, in fact it was one of the classes with the highest amount of it. So buffing the potion making skill gave additional instant heal to the class, and it was absolutely unnecesary. Certainly the skill has to be nerfed or be completely deleted from the game. My suggestions/options are: 1- Add a Slow/speed Debuff of 10 seconds to the caster each time it is used. (Speed its a key factor to the survability of the alchemist, so it balances the cost/benefit ratio) 2- Allow the potion entities to be deleted by scrolls 3- Give a higher cooldown, at least 30 seconds 4- Make the skill to be close range only, so the alchemist can only drop potions at 5 meters around his character. 5- Revamp the skill: Drops a huge cauldron of potion at the selected area that gives defense and gives health periodically to the players around it every 5 seconds. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also want to give another suggestion: This skill has instant root of 2 seconds, and gives root again after 5 seconds. But no one ever will happen to stay in it for more than 5 seconds, this makes the innate effect of the skill to be completelly useless. Reduce the timer from 5 sec to 3 seconds. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And finally just a request to fix a typo that has been around for more than half a year already: Haste and speed up, has been incremented from 6 seconds to 10 seconds many months ago, but it was never corrected
  2. Aloha everyone, let me first say that this guide is based on my personal experience making 3 different Guardians, but focusing on my favorite style and pretty much what most people choose this class for....TANKING. So let's start with stats and how they affect our builds. Note: If you are level 12 or lower and have not done this you will probably want to reset your character to make your life simple. While you are level 9 DO NOT LEVEL UP YET. Instead hit the ARENA hardcore until you collect all the Prizes. These prizes will include Uncommon Gear that will save you alot of resources and give you a large amount of power when you Equip (do not equip them if it will level u to 10). This will also be greatly needed to collect your core gear set in arena from 10-19. STAT DESCRIPTION -Attack Power: Increases Physical Damage. Also increases Bleed damage over time to opponents. -Ability Power: Increases damage done by Abilities. Boosts our Regeneration value, and damage absorbed by our Barrier. -Armor: Decrease Physical Damage recieved by a percent. -Resistance: Decrease Magical Damage recieved by a percent. -Resilience: Decrease Damage recieved from all sources. Also reduces chance of recieving a Critical Hit from other players in PvP areas. -Control Resistance: Reduces how long you are affected by: Stun, Fear, Silence, Root, Taunt, and Sleep. -Block (Class Characteristic): The chance to reduce Directional and Auto Attack damage by 50% (Does not work against Aoe Skills) ARMOR SET All Armor Sets give both the ARMOR and ATTACK POWER stat. Armor sets are selected by players based on the primary stat given once you upgrade them to Uncommon status. The 3 primary level 10-19 sets are: -Adept Set (Composure Stat): This increases the amount of damage you deal to Weak, Regular, and Strong mobs. -Technician Set (Might stat): Increases damage to Elite, Boss, and Champion monsters (also includes Guild Raids). -Gladiator Set (Resilience stat): Our core stat we want to obtain as this Reduces all damage recieved from all sources (not only known for tanking but the best PvP set as the other 2 stats do nothing towards other players). Your Armor will also be broken down into 3 Classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. (Described below Accessories section) ACCESSORIES All of these will give you the RESISTANCE and ABILITY POWER stat. Just like Armors, Accessories have 3 different Classes to determine stat values: Frantic, Balance, and Guardian. (Description below) -Light Armor / Frantic Accessory: Really High Attack/Ability Power and Low Armor/Resistance. -Medium Armor / Balance Accessory: High Attack/Ability Power and decent Armor/Resistance value. -Heavy Armor / Guardian Accessory: Low Attack/Ability Power and really high amount of Armor/Resistance. Obviously Heavy Armor and Guardian Accessory from the GLADIATOR SET is the most common. This combo will give us the highest amount of Armor, Resistance, and Resilience for optimum defensive value. Note: Though no Guardian ever chooses Light or Medium Armor. There are 2 other selections for Accessories that some players use outside of pure Guardian set. (Sometimes this comes down to RNG, if you cant get the set you want you can always try these options) 1) BRUISER BUILD (All Balance Accessories)- Leans more toward Solo and PvP style players as you have a medium Damage value while still having high defensive stats. 2) HYBRID FIGHTER (Frenzy and Guardian Mix)- You will notice that the Amulet Accessory gives way better stats than the others. So to boost your burst while keeping you tanky, swap out your Gladiator Guardian Amulet for Gladiator Frenzy Amulet. This allows far higher Ability Power to increase your Regeneration ticks and amount your Barrier absorbs. But keeps the Resilience stats to keep your damage mitigation high. This build works best with 2 Frenzy Accessories (one being the Amulet) and 2 Guard Accessories as it targets the highest possible Barrier and Regeneration values. (this build is commonly seen in end game aka 23+ as RNG takes a big role) TALENT TREE The Talent tree is a way to obtain new Abilities and Stats at the cost of Knowledge Points and time. As you gain enough Mastery your character will Level up and unlock the next page of the Talent Tree. Though it is confusing, here is a simple way to prioritize how you want to path the nodes you unlock: -Tank Priority Path Active/Passive Abilities> Chaos Shards> Hit Points> Block> HP Regen> Control Resist> Armor> Resistance > Etc -Bruiser Priority Path Active/Passive Abilities> Chaos Shards> Hit Points> Attack Power> Block> HP Regen> Control Resist> etc Chaos Shards are extremely important for us to become tanky thus why it's 2nd on the Priority list. Once you obtain the Ability and all Chaos Shards in the tree, immediately move on to the next unlocked page unlocking that Ability and Chaos Shards. I get alot of Guardians asking how to power level through a bottleneck (ie stuck at level 15, 16, or even 17 for a week+) but this is not a bad thing. As Guardians are the worst class in mid game (level 12-23, because the DPS classes start to gain scaling skills) this bottleneck gives us time to catch up. Every class gets this bottleneck, so use this time to unlock more Talent Nodes to make use of our optimal end game power spikes (wont make sense to be high level if you will take weeks anyways to unlock the core Talent on that page you have been waiting so long to receive). So if you dont do this during a bottleneck imagine how many low level nodes you could have unlocked while you wait for a single high level node (which takes days to a week to unlock). TANK ABILITY BREAKDOWN As I'm targeting new players with this, I will focus on the Taunt, Aegis, and Hammer of Wrath ability. First of all, the Chaos Shards you obtained from the Talent tree will be absolutely needed to obtain tanking capacity. Each Ability can have a maximum of 3 Talent Crystals equipped at a time. The Talent Crystals are broken down into either a Tier 1 Crystal (requires 1 Chaos Shard to unlock), Tier 2 Crystal (2 Shards needed), and Tier 3 Crystal (needs 3 Chaos Shards to unlock). Second, Aegis is our HEROIC ABILITY. This Ability cannot be removed from our Hotbar but it is a key ability for our class with which several of our Talents and Passives will relate to this skill. So let's get this explained TAUNT- Target a single opponent, forces them to attack us with Auto Attacks for 3 seconds while applying a stack of Weakness. (Our Bread and butter skill but sucks without upgrades) -Challenge (Tier 2)- Ability applies to all Target within 5 meters. (Now this is a Huge Boost, will be very necessary as you keep reading) -Stonewall (Tier 3)- Block all directional attacks for the next 3 seconds. (Once again an INSANELY huge boost for what's to come, our Heroic Ability Aegis). AEGIS- Passive: Gain 3% Block. When you Block an attack, gain 1 Charge. Each charge reduces all incoming Physical Damage by 2%. Active: Gain Barrier effect for 6 seconds equal to the amount of Aegis Charges you have. (The Barrier from this skill is HUGE and as you can see, Taunts Stonewall has insane synergy with Aegis ) -Secondwind (Tier 2): Whenever you gain an Aegis Charge, there is a 30% chance to gain a Regeneration stack (Max 6) (and yet again Taunts Stonewall is showing its prowess) -Revenge (Tier 1): Whenever you recieve damage from an Auto-Attack, there is a 50% chance to reduce the cooldown of Aegis by 1 second (This is such a great Passive as the chance proc can apply to Attacks that are Blocked and even absorbed by the Barrier from this very skill) HAMMER OF WRATH- Deal Physical Damage to a single Target. (Main damage skill in early stages but is a subpar skill in the future). -Healing Blow (Tier 2): Every 3rd time Hammer of Wrath is used, gain a stack of Regeneration for 6 sec. (Time for more Regen stacks but this is still meh, we can make this better) -Vanguard (Tier 1): Decrease this Abilities cooldown by 1 sec for each Blocked Attack. (And yet again, Taunts Stonewall shows its crazy prowess) The Taunt and Aegis skill will forever be part of our arsenal. So prioritize these skills first while Hammer of Wrath will be a temporary skills be an effective one in the lower levels. To best utilize Taunt and Aegis, try to have you Taunt skill off cooldown before using Aegis. Taunt the mob to quickly stack up your Aegis charges. Wait a few seconds before activating Aegis and gaining the Barrier effect. During this time, your Regeneration will be healing you back up and Taunt will be ready to Block more attacks and reapply your Regeneration and Aegis Charges. Rinse and Repeat. Weave Hammer of Wrath in between skills to further refresh those Regeneration procs. With this said I hope this will help all you Guardians to better understand our mechanics and reduce the amount of wasted resources. Feel free to ask me question in the forums or in game and I will be glad to answer if able to. Will be planning to add the mid games skill at a later time and also have a Passive Talents section.
  3. The devs should add Racial unique skill tree to increase strategies involving PvP and with this you can make your character more unique than other by having different skill sets and you can have more options on your PvE strategies.
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