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Found 9 results

  1. I'd pay money to decorate a house, bonus points if you can interact with objects. Pets would be cool too even if they didn't do anything or were confined to a house. Fishing is always a plus is MMOs too. I like reasons to mess around.
  2. Boa noite! Gostei muito do jogo a princípio, bem viciante e dinâmico mas quando chegamos no lvl 8 não há mais missões para serem feitas apenas as quests das minas. Poderia haver quests diárias para nós prender mais ao jogo e conseguirmos avançar mais.
  3. - switch target button - loot button - custom button location or preset - daily quest and reward - different color damage type - race trait and unique skill - map history and legend - tutorial, upgrade skill and skill preview - crafting equipment - pan camera - some menu when u tap other people, like add friend,chat, etc - character info when u tap your portrait - visible quest tracker - achievment Thats the top off my head right now, theres some minor bug and glitches but i forgot to take a screenshot. Sry for my english. I hope this game will be a major hit.
  4. On SkyLore when you start the game it takes you to the last place you played on the previous session. My suggestion is to make the start of a session similar of what we have on Warspear Online, by loading the character list instead of loading automatically the game.
  5. Hello admins. Since you guys wants a new features in this game, I have a suggestion regarding the Guild System. Why not make a different types of guild? Like a guild for PK lovers or Monster hunting lovers or etc... Every types of guild have different Guild quest/mission. Doing guild quest/mission earns a guild points which is use to level up the guild. Guild points can also be determine the rankings of guilds. I'll list down the types of guild I have been thinking. Warrior's Guild = A guild for Open PvP and Player killing (PK) lovers. Guild quests are killing other players/faction/race. Adventure's Guild = This is like the normal guild nowadays. Guild quests are doing the arena/dungeon/battlefield or some quest(like daily quest). Hunter's guild = A guild for PvE lovers. Guild quests are hunting monsters. I hope you guys consider it. Thank you and more power!


    I hate having a little tiny space in my inventor.Plus i want to put the items i don't need right now or just to keep in the bank. Ps The bank could be in the main zone where u start from or something AND keep up the wonderful work :)))
  7. Please I'd like to say is too bad because it is not so easy to get a weapon and armor and will always need to repair they will reach a point that they will be useless with it makes no sense to make improvements to them why they will arrive It is time that they will need to be replaced because of the low durability.
  8. I noticed that the main reason of me losing money is fast travelling. I noticed that it is very expensive. Maybe some price changes on that? Also maybe include difficulty or suggested level on the travel points so that we know where to grind according to our level.
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