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Hunter Skill Guide | Pyyxz


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Hi i'm Pyyxz , i just playing skylore 3 month and i have some good trick for hunter class , the hunter class can be play for 2 way | 1. Burst damage 2.Summoner |

Okay lets talk about that 2.1 Burst damage i reccommend to use skill " Leap " with Purple Add-on named ( Survival of the Fittest ) its can make you kill monster very fast because this add-on make u plus damage for monster 30% and in first skill phanthom arrow i reccommend to use purple add-on named ( Sniper ) its can make more damage when u far from monster 2.2 Summoner , now im level 21 i dont know about dragon summonner but i have trick in summon spirit skill , okay first you need to learning Spirit Rage skill , this skill i think people dont use this because its useless but this secret is Add-on Red named ( Call for the pack) it can cut summon spirit cooldown for 50% when u use it and if ur instinct have enough ( around 15 sec for spirit time ) you can spam spirit always you hunt monster . ( sorry for bad eng ;-; )

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