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If you think shadow is weak, wait until you see this.


Many new players usually think shadow is weak and yes thats true, because they dont reach the level where shadow becomes strong, strong enough to make everyone shock. Because when they check the level of the character who beats them is lower then them. I will show you how.


Different with other classes that can look strong in the beginning, shadow will reach they strong term on level 14.

When you obtain this 2 skills and put a right shards on it you will see the difference  and feel how strong they are. 





I'm not just saying without prove, my simple prove is go look at kragg lower level. You will see most PK players there are shadow.

Because I'm handsome and too kind, I will show my skill secret. 


Here, my skill composition


And this is for the ultimate shard position, that will make you become the second superman, because I'm the first one.







Hope you enjoy it, see you in the game





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