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Would you like to adjust a few things?


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Vigor : I understand trying to limit the non-stop grind, but it would be awesome if it only consumed the moment you get a drop or some in-game currency. Completing tasks at the same time with many players, when you only count on killing the monster and otherwise you lose the possibility of a drop, because of the small damage you cause, is not a pleasant gaming experience. You have no drop or Vigor.

Shop : Have you considered adding a costume?

Dungeon: matchmaking probably can't do anything other than divide levels, I understand that it would be difficult to compose an ideal party. But in combination with a time of only 10 minutes, it only brings frustration. You wait for a few minutes for the party, and after moving to the dungeon, it is voted to end it, because the formation of the party excludes completion within the time limit. The whole thing is then repeated over and over again. Sometimes, even with an ideal party, you still do not manage to find the boss in time and spend an hour trying in vain about completing a dungeon in a mobile game is more of a reason to lose interest in the game.

Just so I don't complain, the game is fine. I've been playing for a little over a week. Otherwise, I haven't come across any major gameplay flaws so far and I hope it stays that way. I just can't judge the balance of the individual classes objectively yet.

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