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Knowledge of Dungeons: The Key to Golden Chests in Skylore | Rogravi


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Knowledge of Dungeons: The Key to Golden Chests in Skylore

Here comes the money

In my guide I will use color scheme, so be aware of that:
blue sentences are boring/known part;
green sentences are the key to understanding how to be good;
purple sentences will represent subjective point of view.

  1. Introduction.
You are able to go to the dungeons from as low as 6th lvl. Yet, you shouldn't. All two maps and four bosses of the dungeon are available to you right away. Until level 8, the only chest that you can get from completing a dungeon is the common "Explorer's Chest". Oh, and also sweet 950 vigor, which available for you for succeeding in dungeon of any lvl. Any. So help lower lvl players if you need only vigor. From lvl 8 you can get "Monster Hunter's chest" and from lvl 16 "Monster Slayer's chest". "Can" is the main word - the type of chest received for success is random. In my experience, the ratio will be every third chest is green and every ninth is golden. Requirements apply to your entire party. The dungeon monsters and reward based on the lowest level in your party. If there is a level 7 player, only grey chests are available, and if there is a level 15 player, only grey and green chests are available.
Your main goal in completing the dungeon is to kill the main boss within 11 minutes.
  1. Preparation.
The main thing about dungeon is that it's a group PvE activity - you won't be able to complete it alone. Which means that you need a group. And as I said before, usually you need a group of specific lvl players, 6+ or 10+ or 16+ or 20+. Wait, isn't only levels 6, 8, 16 are affecting reward? Not only. These numbers are important because, based on your level, you will also receive different "tier" items, which is a topic for another guide. While we are here: the only items that you can get from dungeon chests will be items with Might as first attribute, reffered to as PvE items.
In preparation, you also want to buy potions of the same lvl as your dungeon, any higher will be downleveled.
Now that we know what lvl do we want, what classes do we wan't? "Meta", or usual group, will consist of one healer, one tank, two DPS. However on higher lvl's you will be able to consistently pull off a one tank/healer three DPS strategy. Does this means that Only this "meta" can go through a dungeon? No. But it's the easiest one when you play with people that you don't know. I get through a 16+ lvl dungeon with four DPS and with four healers, but it was more for fun.
How do we get a group of those specific classes? Common brain would queue up and retreat Every time when you get auto-quarteted with non-meta classes. Bureaucratic brain would use Tavern functionality(open where the chat is, and it will be second tab listed in the bottom of screen) and select missing classes in his request. Big brain uses chat and write something like "dg 16+(lowest lvl required) 2/4(number of ppl already in party), healer/tank needed(specify classes that you need) ". Free thinker just goes into Adamant Caves and invite characters of needed class and level into his party, while copy-pasting in their direct messages "dg?" This is how I got most of my friend in the game btw.
  1. Dungeon
Every dungeon consists of 6 rooms, inside 1 of which will be main boss, 2 contain mini bosses and 3 contain average/strong minions. Every room can have exit on Upper, Down, Right or Left part of it, which can create different paths to main boss. And since dungeons are procedurally generated - it does. Yet, there are few rules,  true for each dungeon. On the Real path to main boss: can be only 1 miniboss; only 2 rooms with minions; main boss always in 4th room of this path. This leaves two rooms, one with the boss and one with minions, which referred to as the "trap room", or "trap" for short. It's a good rule to always write in party chat that room is a trap-room, before anyone starts blasting.
Wait a minute
  1. Boss Strategies
I honestly don't think that most of you need a guide for mini-bosses, minions, or even the main bosses. So here it is: my ranking and a short description of each dungeon.
Note that from the last update, mobs in Thorn Hollow have changed, making tanking two groups together much harder.
Elariel - tree girl.
Hard run. The group needs to know the scheme: "kill root on player -> kill firelings -> kill boss", which is just too hard to juggle with.
"Always focus boss even when green cloud, that can be killed with 3 auto-attacks, will restore ~10% of total hp to him. That's what you're saying, Rog?"; "Read that Swarm ability can transfer in 3-meter radius, so when you attacked by it don't come closer to party members? Huh??"

Flower Lord - yeah.
Normal run. Nothing unusual. Kill the healers first, avoid the AoE ability because it can oneshot DPS, then kill the boss.
Magnetron - big metal boy.
Easy run. This is when you want to spam dg with randos, because his AoE is slow, it's hard to get oneshoted by it and...there is some trick. Also, just kill the engineer and repair robot first in the mob rooms, please.
Spineslasher - chainsaw goblin.
Hard run. Because of the hard main boss. All his abilities have the possibility of killing you fast, even the tank. So study them properly and avoid getting within their range at all costs.
  1. Tips and Tricks
More runs - easier runs. It sounds too obvious, but I've seen a lot of people who gave up on the idea of dungeon runs after their first failure.
Don't be scared to use party chatIt's a great tool to communicate, not only about trap rooms but also about who goes first, who to focus on, and at the end, say thanks and maybe propose a few more runs if anyone needs them.
It's always better to skip a room. Don't agro the mobs as soon as you enter the room, look around and see if there are any roads available to you. Often mini-bosses can be skipped and it's a good thing.
It's always better to try another room if you saw that there's no road in the first half of the room. This is an advanced tip, but it helps me in all my runs. For more information, read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monty_Hall_problem.
It looks like you get more golden chests from dungeons than from the arena. This is just mine and my friends observation, but it's nice to consider.
  1. Conclusion
Dungeons - is a great PvE content of Skylore. When you get how to go through them it can become great accumulator of friends and fun. Hope that you now:
  • Understand 60% of messages in global chat
  • Won't upset when after auto-queue your party retreats
  • Someone leaves your dg party just when he joined and saw your lvls and classes.
P.S. Make Mandragore easier, pls, I hate this miniboss.
  1. TL;DR(because I love them)
Dungeons in Skylore can be completed starting from level 6, but it I recommend to wait until level 10 to receive better rewards. The goal of a dungeon is to defeat the main boss within 11 minutes. A successful dungeon run requires a group consisting of one healer, one tank, and two DPS. You can form party by using tavern tab, chat, or inviting players in dm. Dungeons are procedurally generated and consist of 6 rooms, including the main boss, mini bosses, and minions. To reach the main boss, there is a specific path which includes 1 mini boss, 2 rooms with minions, and the main boss in the 4th room. To defeat each boss, you should use different strategies, they aren't born equal.
Written by Rogravi, leader of Havoc clan.
More guides will be in Havoc Skylore discord channel. Feel free to post questions there and here in the comments.
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