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[2023.02.22] Guide Contest — 2023. Results.


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We have summed up the results of the competition of guides and are ready to announce the results.

First of all, we want to say a huge thank you to all the participants of the competition. Your knowledge and efforts during the preparation of works is an invaluable gift not only for us, but for all Skylore players. Certainly, the guides you have prepared will be a beacon in the development and success of many seekers from the Order of the Knowers!

And now let's move on to the distinction of works by category:


Secrets of Mastery:

Effective Level and Stat knowledge | Disperpetual

The author of this guide will receive 3000 diamonds.


Important Instructions:

Knowledge of Dungeons: The Key to Golden Chests in Skylore | Rogravi


dungeon guide for random parties | Midori

The authors of these guides will receive 1500 diamonds each.

Helpful Tips:

Tips and Tricks for begginers | Sharingan A


Getting Started: A guide from Character creation to the Basics of game mechanics - Black Turtle




The authors of these guides will receive 750 diamonds each.


We will send the rewards today.

If you didn’t find your work in the list of winners, or didn’t get the desired prize, don’t worry, because there are still many competitions ahead in which you can reveal your talents and earn valuable rewards for it!

Thank you heroes!

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