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Review with Alpha coming to an end

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I tested all classes from both factions, mostly playing with mage. Here is my review at this point:


  • The starting zones for both classes are beautifully crafted, and the story line quests are easy to follow and should prove very helpful to new players. The main issue I have noticed is many people seem to get lost around lvl 8, once the first batch of story line quests run out. From here the game expects you to experiment with leveling/combining/enchanting your equipment but is not 100% clear that this is basically required to get you to level up so you can progress to the next area and proceed with the story line. This may need an extra quest or some form of communication to help people who are not familiar with MMOs such as Skylore or Warspear from getting discouraged and quitting the game before they ever really got started.


  • The end game content had a nice variety. Grinding mobs and daily quests was actually pretty fun, despite that there is a heavy grind to keep leveling equipment. The queue for arena/dungeon/battlefield is a nice feature and provides a good way for players to gather the resources needed to increase mastery. I think they will be much more enjoyable once new maps/modes are added and with a new influx of players to shorten the wait times.


  • I think this game has amazing potential to reach a mass audience and hope the studio will be very strategic on the monetization of the game. The monetization in Warspear was too aggressive and I believe the main factor the game never really reached a wide audience. Once the Pay-2-Win label is applied this automatically pushes many players away from even trying the game. I can see the intent is to sell gems that can be used to purchase a season pass, chests, and gold. I think this a much better direction then Warspear where you could buy everything needed to max out a character from the pay store, wherein Skylore it seems not everything needed is always available just to buy for gems. I would prefer if the IAP were only cosmetic, but I think it is not so bad if gems are used to buy some things that help players to save time. So pay to eliminate some grind, but still very possible to achieve the same results through grinding. 

(IAP) Pay Store Items - Order of most desired to least desired:

  1. Cosmetics
  2. Season Pass
  3. Quality of Life enhancements; mounts, potions, bag slots, warehouse, etc
  4. Pay to save time Items; get around having to grind for those that would rather pay
  5. Pay to Win items/Items that are only found in the pay store or bought with gems

I would recommend a focus more on the top 3 items, avoid #4, and none of #5. 

Either way, I can see this game will be amazing and a big time sink for me. Thanks for the hard work, and please let me know if you have any questions about my experience or ideas!!! 🤗

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