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This is a "living" post, it will be updated as new information becomes available - we will notify you about changes separately. Here all relevant and confirmed information about future innovations and fixes is collected, including the approximate time for their introduction to the game. But it is also worth noting that we are always working on a lot of things that can drastically change during development or testing, so we can't talk about all of the changes in advance, and the absence of something here does not mean that we are not working on it at all It's just too early to talk about it.

Nearest updates

Here are the almost finished or just small but important changes and innovations that will be added to the game in one of the nearest updates, usually this refers to updates of this or next month.

Class balance

In internal discussions, we've identified problems with excessive control and survivability of Hunters, insufficient damage of Alchemists, the irrelevance of some of the abilities and chaos shards of Mages and Guardians, as well as the uncertainty of the role of Shadows in raids. The first changes in this regard will be introduced as soon as update 1.19, but all classes will be seriously worked on to make each enjoyable to play and in demand in all modes, so you will notice the results of the changes more often.


Guild raids should be a decent but manageable challenge, but with a recent update that allowed any number of players to raid, A'Nuin proved to be too strong for small groups. Already in version 1.18.1 we will fix this by reducing her health in a group of 8 players to a value close to the one before this update. But those craving tough challenges won’t be bored either — in update 1.19, the Destroyer will get a new difficulty, and further work on raids will continue with the addition of group size scaling and additional difficulties for all raid bosses.




Decreasing attributes after leveling up

So that percentage-based characteristics do not grow uncontrollably and there are no strange situations that at level 8, for example, critical chance is 10%, and at level 34 it hits the limit, the character development system is designed in such a way that when you increase the level, more characteristic value is required for the same percentage. At the same time, with an increase in level, the basic parameters also grow and the overall combat effectiveness should still grow. However, due to a bug, this is not always true, and we will fix this in upcoming updates - there will be no more situations when, with increasing levels, the character actually becomes weaker in locations with a dynamic level.

Dungeon invitations

This feature was not warmly welcomed by players, as it was introduced with flaws that made it very annoying for the player. Already in 1.18.1 we will change its mechanics and invitations will only come if there are empty slots for chests, but in future updates we will monitor the statistics of its use and refine it so that it is more useful and not annoying.

Within a few months

Path of the Faceless

The first and second tiers of the Path of the Faceless will be significantly reworked: the landscape will change and there will be more room for maneuver in PvP battles, more pillars will appear on the location and the gradation of monster levels will change. We are also working on the third tier of the Path of the Faceless. In the third tier you will find a boss that even high-level players will have to sweat with, and new mechanics that combine all three tiers into a single system.

Guild wars

Guild Wars will be updated - the rating, seasons and rewards for them will make participation in wars much more interesting and prestigious. Also, the system will be adjusted based on feedback from players who pointed out some issues and inconveniences.



Appearance change

One of the most frequently requested features by players is the ability to change the appearance of an existing character. This summer, we plan to finish its development, along the way introducing additional options of appearance, so that anyone can create their ideal image.

Test server

In the coming months, we will implement a system for releasing updates on test servers. This will allow us to more conveniently and quickly find and fix bugs, as well as respond to feedback on the very first impressions of the update.


Guild Battlegrounds

Older players still remember the battles on the first battleground concept - they return in the format of tournaments for guilds. There you will be able to clash in full force, guild to guild, and the pumping of players will show itself in full.

Skypass Update

We also heard a lot of questions about the relevance of Skypass for players who have already collected a lot of beautiful costumes, as well as the justification for its price. In this regard, we plan to update the concept of Skypass by changing its format and adding a recurring reward to it - after receiving all the main rewards, completing additional activities will bring chests with valuables.



That's about all we can say at the moment, but if you still have unanswered questions about Skylore, you can ask them on Discord, in the #questions-and-answers channel - we will answer there more regularly, as well as update this post whenever there is new information.

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