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The Beginner Guide For Fast Leveling

De Victoria

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Greetings folks, this is De Victoria, leader of the Hayat Ağacı guild and an alchemist-class player.

Fig 1. Yup, i am holding a brand new alchemist weapon called bladed-spear. 😂😂😂

I've been freely playing and having fun in Skylore for two weeks now, and I've been getting a lot of questions from the players, including my guild members, about how I've been able to improve my character rapidly. Instead of answering them all individually, I decided to put them together and prepare a guide. In this way, I will have the opportunity to contribute to the community and to say thanks to the people who made this beatiful game.

Here is the guide that you will need.  


Fig 2. Well well, look who's there. Welcome to the Skylore wanderer!

Each character in the game has its own unique play style as well as strengths and weaknesses. So avoid the "strongest class" perception as much as possible. My advice is to try out all the five characters in the first week of the game and find the role that appeals to you. I'm sure a weapon in your hand will fit you well.


Fig 3. I will Erin.

After making your choice, follow the main and side quests until the fifth level. Afterwards, get your chests by doing dungeons and continue to the arenas. The purpose of doing this is to complete your lack of knowlege required for skills in the background while you are dealing with the arena. On the other hand, while waiting for the arena and dungeon queue, farm gorgor contracts, items, gold and knowledge on level 4th-mobs. This move will also help you make good use of your time. Once you're done with the arena, then continue your quests again. (Do not forget to change farm spots according to your level).


Fig 4. The Uncommon One.

There are stop points at certain levels in the game. For example 5,9,13 and 15th levels. Generally, players give up at these intervals and then rage-quit. Because they don't know what to do at all. The first step you need to follow is to get uncommon (later will be rare) items with the arena. Then, if you have missing items, you need to complete them from chests in arena-dungeon, battlefield, raid, guild or adamantine cave.


Fig 5. The Enchanting Section.

You've got all your stuff and you're stuck at one of the stops those I mentioned. This is where the game's upgrade system comes into play. You can pass these points by enchanting your items for a small amount. This is a magic key that allows you to open locked doors. This situation will repeat itself all-time.


Fig 6. Hayat Ağacı is rushing in to Dungeon.

The last thing i want to tell you is, avoid wasting your main resources as much as possible. Save up to your level 20 items by using them only when necessary


P.S. This guide is completely f2p viable. 


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Hello De Victoria! Thanks for this guide~ I'm a returning player, and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions (maybe on Discord?) with regards to the game's current state, if you're still playing. Thank you!

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