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Guide to Destroyer Normal Raid


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Destroyer normal 


Tips: For tanks, lure the destroyer nearby the spikes so when he use the Accept your death skill  players can easily go behind the spikes to dodge the damage. 


Position destroyer facing away the spikes. 


Words that destroyer uses to identify which skills will he be using 


  • RAAAAARGH - Summoning spikes in a straight line 
  • make sure to dodge it or go at the back of destroyer to dodge the damage
  • CATCH THIS - Throw rocks on a player marked by a red big circle  
  • this will be done twice, either twice on the same player, or one each of marked player 
  • ACCEPT YOUR DEATH - Destroyer will go dashing at you in full speed, marked player with small circle  
  • make sure to go behind the spikes so that you will not receive the damage
  • Important after the destoyer dash into the spike it will blow a pure aoe damage. Make sure to distance yourself when he make this skill.





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