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Heroic Heritage Set


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Lives of true heroes, even after leaving this world, do not dissolve in the stream of time. Their greatness is sealed in symbols: the sword that crushes evil; the shield that protects lives; and the emblem that inspires heroic deeds.

By acquiring such an artifact, you will receive immeasurable help. If your intentions are pure and your heart burns with a righteous flame, the spirit of the fallen heroes will follow you on this difficult path.

The powers and wisdom of the past will be your allies when the time comes to protect the innocent or fight the monster. From the outside it looks like just an ephemeral outfit, but inside there is a powerful connection with the inner light that will guide you even through impenetrable darkness.

Heroic Heritage Armor

Frame879.png.525ccf799fca2bb4688b44b68158a17c.png Frame878.png.c3406916bda17be5c99f680fcd8a0a37.png

Heroic Heritage Arsenal

Frame880.png.27580c04e2fa417898c6d7bbf5ba6d84.png Frame881.png.0d9a9e1f0678b775231d39843d064efa.png 

Frame882.png.ea3c36d803dd6fd736144f27a42dc575.png Frame883.png.094a794bee13ba40e1471e539a5e6c66.png


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