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Guardian block?


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Acho que deveria explicar melhor como funciona o bloqueio do guardian. Vem apenas descrito “direcional attack”, mas não explica que tipos de ataques estariam inclusos nessa categoria.

Outra coisa, acho que poderiam ter mais opções de adicionar block em leveis mais baixos, já que o guardian não tem uma cura consistente nem nenhum botão de emergência, como no caso da invisibilidade ou do hunter que pode saltar para traz e deixar o javali que da taunt enquanto corre. 
Ainda mais pq quanto maior o level, menos o status block reflete na percentagem.

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On 11/10/2020 at 5:50 PM, Kiloan said:

Another thing, I think you could have more options to add block in lower levels, since the guardian doesn't have a consistent cure or any emergency buttons

for sure, it is a class that needs to be rethought to lower levels. I had many problems to evolve my guardian initially

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Currently the only reliable Block for lower level characters require 3 Chaos Shards to unlock the STONEWALL Passive for the TAUNT skill. Allowing 3 sec of 100% Block. Being that Regeneration does not stack but actually refreshes,  I agree we need higher Block values, a level 19 Guardian with a 9% Block rate is just stupid.

But when you hit level 20 n unlock the DESTROYER SET, both the Shield and Sword can unlock the Block substat (if I were u I would reroll until you do) which will be about 220 Block per gear equalling about 9% Block rate each. GL

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