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Upcoming Changes — Character Progression System

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Rufrus spill new secret. Hold tight, or you be falling from surprise! Soon you not recognize yourself. Before, you be bragging about your gear and skill, but no more! Now armor not make you great hero. Now you make you hero! Rufrus come up how to make gold from it... And you not stand like post. You train, fight, do my contracts — quick!


Skylore has long had its own twist on a distinctive character progression system based on equipment rarity and level. But as we journey forward, we're excited to announce great changes coming to Arinar that will bring new challenges to its heroes! Let's take a closer look at the changes coming in Update 1.29.

Experience-Based Leveling

Shifting away from the previous Mastery-based character leveling system, you'll now need to earn Experience points to level up. You'll earn Experience for many activities, including:

  • Completing quests
  • Killing monsters in the open world
  • Fulfilling gorgor Contracts
  • Killing monsters in PvPvE areas
  • Killing bosses in Raids and Guild Hunts

The amount of Experience you gain will vary based on your character's level, the type of activity, and the level of monsters, quests, or locations. You'll also earn additional Experience in PvPvE areas when you fly the flag of aggression.

Level Cap Increase

To give every hero a chance to try out this new system, we're raising the maximum character level up to 35 in this update! Additionally, this level increase will unveil a new talent page with fresh abilities, which we'll detail in the upcoming 1.29 changelog.

Even after reaching the new level cap, earning Experience will still remain valuable — any extra Experience you earn will unlock unique rewards!

New Vigor Sources

Remember how winning in the Arena, Battlefields, and Dungeons refills some of your Vigor? In Update 1.29, heroes of Arinar will find even more ways to restore their Vigor — it will automatically fully replenish three times a day and with every level-up. This will come in handy, as you won't be able to gain Experience while under Fatigue...

Equipment Progression Changes

With the upcoming update, equipment level requirements will be determined by more than just the set it's part of. Item level, quality, and hardening will all come into play. This new system aims to balance character progression and create fairer combat scenarios.
To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, we won't forget about the gear you already have. You'll still be able to use your current gear regardless of your character or item level. However, you won't be able to upgrade it unless your level meets or exceeds the new item level requirement.


Overhauling the character leveling system marks a significant step for Skylore. We're eager to smooth the transition for our veteran players and facilitate a quick grasp of the updated mechanics for newcomers. Keep in mind, these features are still under development and testing, and may change before release. We can't wait to hear what you think — feel free to leave your feedback and questions in the comments!

See you in the game!
Team Skylore


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When we fight against the Mage character, we have two options: either to lose or for the Mage to escape. This means that it is impossible to win. He jumps twice, disappears, and leaves copies behind him to camouflage him. This is unfair. This character must be modified and made as powerful as the rest of the characters😪

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