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Coralomancer Armor


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As Tenebris began to fall into ruin, the Girani did not turn a blind eye to the calamity. The wise birds brought and tended to an otherworldly coral reef that served to bind together the crumbling layers of the plane. But it was not until the arrival of the aliens from Arinar that the coral's remarkable properties were fully unleashed.

Despite the monstrous creatures spawned by the Trading Company, the Knowers braved the depths of the plane. They turned their encounters with the coralomancers to their advantage. Studying tissue samples, Erin the Know-It-All created living armor that could adapt perfectly to each wearer, fitting like a second skin and using coral to instantly heal even the gravest of wounds.

The armor's true value lay in its ability to conceal the Order's members within the coral gardens. Under this disguise, the fighters would move silently along the Paths of the Faceless, undetected by their enemies until the very end.

photo_2024-05-31_14-40-02.jpg.cd141cd9247b5fbc59717c5812c9c45c.jpg photo_2024-05-31_14-40-04.jpg.043aa02d66083af57633cab34626c014.jpg


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