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[2021.10.21] 0.42 Update: Adamantine caves


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We will tell you about territories, mechanics, rewards and opponents in PvPvE locations, as well as other changes and innovations.


In one of the previous articles, we have already revealed to you the concept of the new Adamantine grotto -

The general concept of the implementation has not changed, but there are many details and mechanics that should be discussed in more detail, and we are happy to do so! 


New locations

The Adamantine Grotto that is familiar to you, has not disappeared: you can freely run through the locations you already know, but now this will require at least character level 15.

However, you will be able to get acquainted with the mechanics of PvPvE much earlier, namely from level 8. And all because we added two more huge locations, the entrances to which are located in the Adamantine Caves.


Locations differ not only visually, but also in the level of monsters inside:

  • Crystal Grove - with level 8-9 monsters
  • Kragg Outskirts - with level 10-14 monsters
  • Adamantine Grotto - with level 15-20 monsters

Each of these locations has two floors. The first has a restriction on the minimum entry level and effective level. The second - with separate settings for the effective level and the level of monsters.

We remind you that the effective level mechanic reduces the level of the character to the level set at the location, at the same time reducing their characteristics.

Also, it should be noted that the presence of a character in PvPvE locations imposes some restrictions on them, namely prohibits:

  • Queueing up in the Arena, Battlefield or Dungeon, as well as entering the location with an active queue in the listed modes.
  • Creating ads in the "Tavern" already active ads will be withdrawn upon entering the location.
  • Using Contracts with the Gorgors.
  • Joining a group or inviting other players to it.
    Note! You can enter a location as part of a group, but you cannot accept new players into it if at least one of its members is in a PvPvE location.
  • Using Waypoints to travel quickly. The nearest waypoint, which is also the place of the resurrection of the characters, is located in the Adamantine Caves

Initially, only the first floor of the Crystal Grove will be available to all players, and to open the second tier and other locations, you will need to complete a chain of several tasks.


New world bosses

On the second floor of each of the locations there is a world boss. In the Adamant Grotto, it is the already familiar antagonist, Decayra, and in the two other PvPvE locations, your opponents will be no less powerful creatures - the Gnawer of the Depths and the Fireborn Balodrog.


Note! You can fight bosses within 30 minutes after defeating them, but you can get a reward for killing each one only once every 24 hours. This timer is personal to each of the heroes and starts counting down after you receive the reward.

And yes, you do not need to memorize or write down this time - everything can be seen on the map!


New marks on the map

The map in the locations of the Adamant Caves has become even more informative! For example, now on it you can track the possibility of receiving a reward for defeating a world boss.


If the reward cannot be received now, then you will see a timer until a new opportunity.


Also, we remind you that you can exit PvPvE locations and return to the Adamant Caves through one of several exits. However, not all of them will be available at the same time. You can also find out which of the outputs are available at the moment, as well as the time during which you can use them, on the location map.


Important! Leaving a location or lower floor is a long interactivity that gets confused by taking damage. Be attentive and extremely careful!

Now, let's talk about rewards and new mechanics to get you rich!


Madness-Touched Items

As we said earlier, in PvPvE locations, players will not receive gold and knowledge for killing monsters. The loot for defeating creatures will be new items - treasures and relics.

They are chests with useful contents: knowledge, gold, equipment, alchemical stones and piles, adamant crystals and spheres of protection. In short - inside you will find everything for enhancing your equipment!


The quantity and quality of the contents of the chests depends on their level and rarity. The level of the treasure or relic will be equal to the level of the defeated monster, and the rarity is determined depending on its strength:

  • Common — from monsters with the power of “average” or “strong”
  • Uncommon — from alphas and also from monsters with the power of “strong”
  • Epic — from world bosses.

But there is a problem, the caves, to which no ray of sunlight penetrates, are soaked through with the corruption of insanity, which has affected not only the minds of creatures, but also the hidden valuables.

Before you can get the contents of a treasure or relic, you need to cleanse it from corruption. And with this, almost free of charge, Professor Styx is ready to help you, who has set up his field laboratory in the Adamant Caves, not far from the entrances to PvPvE locations.


To remove the corruption, you will need to get a new currency. You can get it for hunting monsters, but the main way to get it is by completing daily quests in PvPvE locations.

These are mainly PvE tasks, but there are some that will require you to fight other players.

Note! You will be able to complete daily tasks only in those locations that correspond to the level of your character.

By the way, by defeating other players in PvP, you can not only complete the daily task, but also take away the relics and treasures they have earned.


PvP aspect of the location

We have not forgotten that the main feature of PvPvE locations was the possibility of free PvP. And from this you will be able to reap benefits for yourself if you sensibly assess your strength and do not get involved in a surely lost battle.


The fact is that when a character dies, they lose all items infected with madness!

What happens to them next depends on the active PvP status at the time of death. If a peaceful character was defeated, then the loot will be equally divided into three parts:

  • General loot that any player can take.
  • Personal loot is a part of items that a defeated player can pick up if they return to the place of their death within 20 minutes.
  • Lost loot.

When a character with an active combat status dies, ⅔ of the loot will be general, and the rest will be lost.


Important clarification! Heroes whose level is higher than the effective location level cannot change their PvP status to combat and attack a character if they're in a peaceful status.

However, remember that everyone, without exception, can attack players with an active combat status in the location!

Another mechanic that is designed to protect peaceful players and make life more difficult for PvP enjoyers is the "Killer's Mark" effect.


After killing a peaceful hero, players with an active combat status will receive a debuff, the effect of which will not allow using the exits from the location or transitions to another tier for two minutes, as well as changing their combat status.

Be careful and extremely collected, because this time may be enough to complete the plan of revenge. Not to mention that you will become a target for any player, because no one will receive negative effects for killing you.

Please note: when you kill a peaceful character again, the effect is not prolonged, but refreshed, so its duration cannot exceed two minutes.

In addition, to create healthy competition in PvP battles in the PvPvE territories of the Adamant Caves locations, we introduced another restriction: no more than 8 representatives of one guild can be on the location channel.

We understand that you are expecting more massive fights and we will definitely give you such an opportunity, but within the framework of other territories and mechanics.

We hope that such changes will help make the fights more interesting!


Other changes and additions

Altars with alphas

We have changed their mechanics. Now, after summoning and defeating the leader, the altar will take some time to recover. The indicator of the time until the end of the process will be the same runes, but in a different color.


In addition, the number of monsters that must be defeated to summon the leader now depends on their level: the higher it is, the more monsters need to be killed to fill the progress and summon an elite monster.


New status "Exhausted"

Now, when reviving for diamonds in PvPvE locations, the character's health will be restored not instantly, but gradually. During this time, they will be under the effect of "Exhausted", which will prevent him from:

  • moving
  • attacking
  • using abilities
  • using consumables or other usable items

However, also during the duration of the effect, the character gains immunity to all other effects.


After half of your health is restored, you can pick up your personal loot and continue the battle.



We have made significant changes to the work of abilities and items that allow characters to become invisible. The disguise can now be revealed.


Once every 4 seconds, with a certain probability, a character or monster can detect an invisible character in a certain area around him. For characters, this area is fixed - 6 meters, and for monsters it can be different, depending on their strength.

Please note: detection does not remove invisibility from the character, but makes them visible to everyone around him, and also makes it possible to choose them as a target for an attack or ability. Taking any damage dispels the invisibility effect.


If, after 4 seconds, the character has not taken damage, they become invisible again, and then the detection check is repeated.

At the same time, remember that for each monster or hero, the probability of detection is triggered separately, so sneaking up on a cluster of monsters or players unnoticed is a rather difficult task.

In addition, at PvPvE locations for levels 10-14, you can notice new objects - all-seeing gargoyles. These creatures also reveal the invisibility of nearby heroes, without removing the effect from the character, but with a 100% chance.


So far, we have added them for testing only in two locations, but in the future we will be able to use them in other places where the advantage of stealth plays a very important role.


Premium services expansion

Among the goods of the day, you can now find adamantine crystals, which will help you change the secondary characteristics of equipment.

In addition, we have expanded the general assortment of goods, adding free reputation, the currency for clearing chests from corruption of madness, as well as a special item that will allow you to keep a small part of treasures and relics in your inventory after the death of the character.


We haven't forgotten about another long-awaited item - the character renaming scroll. It has also been added to the list of premium items and will allow you to change your nickname at any time.


However, remember that your new nickname must comply with the rules of communication in the community. Otherwise, we reserve the right not only to change it, but also to restrict access to the character.

Also, please note that the requirements for certain symbols and their number for a nickname are not final and may change in future updates, so if you cannot change the nickname to your desired one, if it does not contradict the rules of communication, do not hurry to come up with a new one.


That's all we would like to tell you today. Embark on a dangerous adventure and do not forget to unite with faithful companions who will cover your back and help you deal with the most powerful enemies!

Do not forget to share with us your thoughts and observations regarding new locations and mechanics in the corresponding sections of the discord server or forum - this will help us make the game even more convenient, enjoyable and fun!

See you in the game!


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"We remind you that the effective level mechanic reduces the level of the character to the level set at the location, at the same time reducing their characteristics"

This is very frustrating. After so much work to level up and get strong we spent most of the time with reduced stats. Even in the areas of daily quests where a high lvl player cannot harm a low lvl. Without this mechanic, high lvl players could finish the quest faster and leave the location, but with this reduction everyone ends up taking longer and the quest location is very full of players. This mechanic makes even pvp very annoying because with the reduced attributes the battles end very quickly. Even being lvl 20 you never feel the true power of your character.

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