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Imagine that you are an omnipotent being, locked in a pocket universe, and you have all eternity at your disposal! Any whim, any, even the most incredible idea can be brought to life! But the question is, how long will your fantasy last until madness and loneliness take their toll?

And now, after a couple of thousand years, a small star will fall on Arinar. A vault in which a bizarre vestment is hidden, literally permeated with energy flows. The owner of the gift of heaven will soon realize that space and time are now subject to them. They will see the cities of antiquity and meet the civilizations of the infinitely distant future.

However, soon the “lucky one” realizes that they have become a prisoner of the miracle device. A minute here, a couple of centuries there. Where will the traveler go now and how many years will his stop last? Who knows.

Perhaps, eventually, the gears will stop and the suit will stop moving, and its owner will finally return home. They will find that they have not aged a moment and everything around will be the same as before. Everyone but themselves...

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