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Suggestion about red name


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I have a suggestion:

when players change to killing mode (red name) and have the behavior of attacking other players, they should be restricted to change mode again after a certain time (such as 12 hours), so as to prevent some disgusting players, these players temporarily change to attacking mode after meeting other players who can be killed, and immediately change back after killing them, which is very unfair and annoying.

The principle is: if you like to kill, you can, but you must stay in the red name for a period of time as a constraint,should not like this: change to red name when you want to kill, and pretend to be peaceful when you don't want to kill.

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Hello! :HelloLapkaRobastica:

The locations of the adamant caves and their mechanics are made according to the PvPvE principle - they are designed for battles not only with monsters, but also with other players. There cannot be a strict distinction between PvP and PvE players in a location.

If a character kills you or participates in your murder with the PvP mode turned on, then he will receive a negative effect that does not allow him to leave the location for a while. In addition, a character with aggressive mode enabled can be attacked by characters of any level. We believe that this is more than enough.

If PvP lovers are preventing you from farming, then just enlist the support of other players who will help and protect you.

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