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  1. Добрый день! Уверен, что с решением этого вопроса вам помогут специалисты технической поддержки, связаться с которыми можно по [email protected] В письме опишите, пожалуйста, проблему подробнее, с указанием никнейма персонажа и времени, когда вы столкнулись с ошибкой.
  2. У обычных монстров показатель не превышает 5%, а отрицательным это значение быть не может, поэтому прибавка по урону не так заметна. Эффект будет значительно лучше, если вы опробуете работу способности на более сильных противниках или игроках
  3. This table will not help you develop your character faster, all you need to know is that with each level you will need a little more mastery to move to the next level - this increase gradually increases but does not exceed 500 points for the current maximum levels. P.S. I don't mind showing you the values, just getting access to them is quite a problem for me.
  4. Indeed, a class characteristic is a stat unique to each class that gives bonuses to a character's abilities. Guardian - Blocking Mage - Concentration Alchemist - Balance Shadow - Deception Hunter - Instinct You cannot get a characteristic of another class, but you can read about the effect of your own in the "Attributes" section
  5. Спасибо за развернутую обратную связь, передам на чтение разработчикам!
  6. Ollie


    Есть и было множество контентных и технических задач с более высоким приоритетом, времени на разработку склада пока не нашли
  7. Вероятно, персонажа создавали очень давно, после чего мы вносили изменения в некоторые механики и задания. Чтобы разобраться точнее, пожалуйста, напишите по [email protected]
  8. The mastery indicator for reaching the level is the same for all classes, you can find out how much mastery you need to reach the next level by clicking on the icon with the level of your character on the main screen
  9. In theory, you can go through the dungeon without a tank and a healer, so we did not set any restrictions. You can always group up in the chat or tavern if you're not ready for random hero matchmaking
  10. Ollie

    Lvl 7 Review

    Thank you for your feedback! We have several ideas for solving this problem - we are already working on their implementation
  11. Thanks for the feedback, we'll think about it
  12. Они нужны для квестовых заданий Предложение по расширению зон и возможностей фарма услышал, передам разработчикам!
  13. Ollie

    Dead guilds

    Hello! If the leader is inactive for a long time, then the players following in the rank will have the opportunity to remove him and take the leader rank. Probably in the future there will be additional mechanics for working with such guilds, but I can’t say anything specific yet.
  14. I agree, if you do not take into account the goal to increase your level as quickly as possible, then the problem becomes more urgent. Thanks again for your deep thoughts, there is something for the developers to think about!
  15. It is not necessary to kill a strong enemy to get equipment, it can drop even from an ordinary enemy, but the chance of getting it is extremely extremely small, since these are very rare and powerful items
  16. Такие вопросы лучше задать на [email protected]
  17. Спасибо за развернутую обратную связь!
  18. All equipment in the game obtained from chests depends on the level of this chest. Up to level 10, these are Apprentice, Fighter and Pioneer sets, after 10 - you can get others. (next stage after reaching level 20) When you win in the arena, you get a chest of your level, regardless of your teammates, so after level 10 you cannot get fighter items from this chest. When you win a dungeon, you will receive a chest level equal to the level of the least pumped character in your group. The level of the chest in the Adamant Caves depends on the location, in the Сrystal Grove it is equipment up to level 10, and in the Kragg Outskirts in the chests there is stronger equipment. Lower level items can be obtained from guild raids and when hunting monsters, since there the level of items is tied to the level of enemy. But there is no way to obtain a fighter set after level 10. There is no point in using the Fighter's Set if you already have the option to get the Gladiator's Set, because even the regular version is better than the uncommon item from the Fighter's Set. Excluding the issue of aesthetics ... Considerations of aesthetics and beauty in this regard, unfortunately, do not work well with the in-game mechanics of character development. However, I'm sure that the possibilities for this will expand and in the future it will be possible not only to get a fighter set by a character of any level, but also to more carefully customize the appearance of the character and his equipment
  19. Спасибо за развернутую обратную связь, обязательно передам ваши мысли разработчикам!
  20. Эти локации претерпели много изменений, лучше рассмотреть их в игре
  21. Gorgorush contracts drop items from the Adept set. Not ordinary, but their tempered version - very rare items with increased characteristics. You can read about tempered equipment in the link - P.S. This guide is a little outdated, we will definitely fix it.
  22. Однажды великому королю во сне явился зловещий образ. Он предрек, что в слепоте своей, монарх не заметит как приведет к гибели собственное королевство. В отчаянии, тот решил обмануть судьбу и прибегнул к древнему ритуалу. Король отдал в жертву собственные глаза и получил взамен зловещее одеяние, подарившее ему “истинное зрение.” Артефакт открыл взору все то, что скрывалось в душах людей, окружавших короля. Он узрел алчность и гордыню, прорастающие в сердцах наследников. Разглядел лесть, скрывающую истинные мотивы советников. Король решил, что избежит предначертанного, если очистит свой двор и страну от недостойных. Одержимый этой идеей, он даже не заметил как некому было больше командовать армией, управлять страной и даже обслуживать замок. Так, ранее процветающее королевство, обратилось в прах, ведь король так и не смог заглянуть в свое собственное сердце.
  23. Ollie

    True Sight Robe

    A great king once had an ominous vision in a dream. It foretold that in his blindness, the monarch would not see his kingdom coming to end. In despair, he decided to cheat fate and performed an ancient ritual. The king sacrificed his own eyes and in return received an ominous garment that gifted him "true sight." The artefact revealed to the eye all that lurked in the souls of the people surrounding the king. He saw greed and hubris growing in the hearts of the heirs. He saw the flattery that concealed the true motives of the councillors. He decided that he would escape what was in store for him if he purged his palace and his country of the unworthy. Obsessed with the idea, he didn't even notice how there was no-one left to command the army, run the country or even maintain the castle. Thus, the previously prosperous kingdom, turned to ashes, for the king was never able to look into his own heart.
  24. There were no such sizes, but I tried to cut it nicely promo.rar It's okay, I moved your topic to another section
  25. Hello! Please tell me from which site or app store you last received a working version, and also tell me your device model
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