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[25.08.2022] 1.9 Update "Path to Skylore"


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We are talking about one of the biggest updates in Skylore.

Read carefully about how to develop your character even more, discover new active and passive abilities, get powerful equipment, and generally be fully equipped to embark to the lands of another world - Tenebris and Ophyrion - with new story quests that reveal the secrets of the origins of Skylore.

Character development

In order for heroes to take on new challenges, the maximum character mastery level in this update is increased to 34! You will unlock new talents to learn at levels 23, 26, 29, 32 and 34, respectively. And to achieve this level of mastery, you will, as usual, need new equipment, available from level 20.

For the old-timers of our game, it's time to spend the accumulated resources, and help newcomers to level up - after all, it will only be more difficult, and you will need the help of true friends.

Of course, as you level up, appropriately difficult areas open up!

New territories

Finally, you will find out where the passage to Skylore is hidden - and it is not at all as far away as it might have seemed!

And the first new location you will get to will be Ophyrion - the city of Ophyrs, where you will learn about how Skylore appeared, what it is like, as well as how to get into his various plans. Of these, at first the path will open only to Tenebris, but in the future from here you will arrange expeditions to other planes of Skylore.



In an effort to know the limits of their capabilities, Ophirs did not notice how the remnants of their mortal passions took shape, and then consciousness. A formless evil will has defiled many plans and corrupted the minds of the best architects of Skylore. Unable to defeat such a formidable foe, the last of the Ophirs erected a tower that bound the surviving planes together. Only a chosen guardian still guides the energies of Ophyrion to this day, waiting for the day when a new power comes into play...



"Can an identity be born among a faceless mass?". In search of an answer to this question, Ophyr Yuniketso created a whole world known as Tenebris - "Land of Shadows".

The creatures of this world are both its heart and its inhabitants. They are faceless and homogeneous, and only by turning the flesh of their native plane into a face can they acquire their own identity.

At the moment, Tenebris will not be fully open, but only its first third: we recommend using this time to get comfortable in it and prepare for future adventures!

Also located in Tenebris is the first group dynamic area in the game - this is a real test, and only madmen go there alone. Please note: at the moment, the game does not indicate that the location is intended for group play, but we will add this information in future updates.

There are 40 new quests waiting for you in the new territories, and even level 20+ adventurers will have a very difficult time. Be careful and do not rush to certain death - any successful expedition requires preparation.


Each class has 5 new abilities - 2 active and 3 passive. This will allow you to add tactical variety to your usual battles, as well as prepare for all the dangers of fighting unknown threats in new territories

hat.png.28b363129ea26ed7fcabae2d724728a4.png Mage

Active abilities

Space Tear662748979_space_breakcopy.png.53ccb5ae236bcd2af47fce20bbc89812.png

You create two portals, one at a specified point and one near you. Any ally can enter one portal and travel to the other. The enemy can destroy portals.




Chain Lightning

Causes sequential magical damage to four nearby enemies. Does not strike the same target twice.




Passive abilities
Sorcerer’s Ingenuity

Increases your damage to targets with effects such as Slowdown and Root.



Frost Shield

When attacking you, targets get Slowdown effects.

Energy Absorption

Whenever you summon illusions in excess of their maximum number or when they disappear out of battle, you regenerate a percentage of your maximum health and can gain the Might effects.



dagger.png.ee826844429c814c4d41c12a09189aa3.png Shadow

Active abilities

1758479385_dark_flockcopy.png.84cd78fc85c3b68ad9b234214a35598a.pngDark Pack

You summon a pack of the predatory shadows that deals physical damage to all enemies in front of you and imposes a Shadow Particle effect on them. Auto-attacks on enemies with this effect deal more damage and take one charge off.




You summon a Soulcutter, which moves to the target point and deals physical damage to all enemies in its path. After reaching the target point, the Soulcutter remains in place and continues to deal damage to all enemies nearby. If you click on the cutter, you move into its place and it disappears.



Passive abilities
Grand Entrance

On coming out of Invisibility, you stun all nearby enemies.



Poisoned Blood

If you apply a Poison effect, an additional charge of that effect can be applied.



Veil of Darkness

While invisible, you take 50% less damage.  




shield.png.7b7ea73d99e1fe450d6bb3875704d184.png Guardian

Active abilities

Immortal Defenders1494474778_undead_defendercopy.png.d04ac2c918b465c2b1ed09dbc7e82268.png

Passive: Reduces and redirects some of the damage dealt to nearby teammates.

Active: summons ghost defenders into the target area, which reduce and redirect some of the damage dealt to you by nearby group members. Passive effect is inactive while defenders exist.

Redirecting damage in both parts of the ability triggers only if your health exceeds 50%. Damage dealt in this way cannot be blocked.



Arsenal of Heaven1054848919_sky_arsenalcopy.png.270e49ff00c75b17288ce0c5befa433a.png

Summons a rain of blades into a selected area, causing physical damage to all enemies every second.




Passive abilities

Series of Blows

Every second use of any ability gives one charge of the Aegis effect.



Denial of Pain472675670_.png.224eb1193344b16ba495f2732e17dd53.png

You reduce all incoming damage in proportion to your lost health.




When another player applies an instant healing ability on you, you gain Might effect.




bow.png.2d4a953906007b08ee312ba67eed2016.png Hunter

Active abilities

Lord of the Sky1960675724_dragon_voicecopy.png.ab88799bb450393c83592168fb520dd7.png

Summons a dragon spirit who flaps their wings and unleashes gusts of wind on enemies, pushing all enemies in front of you and inflicting physical damage to them. The dragon spirit is not affected by the effects applied to other hunter spirits. Gives you the Spirit of the Spider effect.



Falcon Hunting1749884171_falcon_huntcopy.png.f2eb8dd0ed32b9c908bb6d5925c2e74f.png

Passive: When you deal damage with basic attacks and instant effects, you apply the Loot effect to the enemy. 

Active: Unleash ghostly falcons at all nearby enemies with a Loot effect and deal Physical damage to them for every Loot effect, dispelling them. It also takes into account the effects imposed by other hunters. You gain the Spirit of the Boar effect.



Passive abilities

Animal Instinct

Animal spirits remove the Invisibility state from enemies within a 2 meter radius.



Search for Vulnerabilities1919325605_.png.8bcc801d2d44d6f27e581ed11e8e7ba8.png

When attacking an enemy with low health, you have a chance to inflict Bleed effect on them.


Easy Prey1055461007_.png.9567bde2b49f38a1862d416dc9d941ed.png

Periodically, you apply the Mark of the Hunter effect to a random enemy nearby. Targets with this effect gain increased physical damage from their next auto attack or ability, and an additional Root effect.



bottle.png.5b13ddd6c79af526b615f0550bba2f1d.png Alchemist

Active abilities

Potion Making 
Summons 3 health potions in the target area for allies to use. Bottles can be destroyed by opponents.





Distortion Seal2074279777_seal_of_distortioncopy.png.c203eba6282bb96bb85a4bbd77207636.png


Creates a distorting seal in the specified direction. All allies in the area of effect receive the Haste effect, and enemies receive the Slowdown effect.





Passive abilities




When you heal, you remove one each of Poison, Bleeding, and Burn. Only works with instant  healing spells and potions.






Increases damage against targets with the Burn effect.




Alchemist’s Revenge581469143_.png.d5f413676c8dfbf2acc00a072695a8b9.png


When you take damage from basic attacks or instant effects, you gain Fury.






With the new update, 3 new sets of armor will appear in the game, each with 3 types (light, medium and heavy), as well as 3 sets of accessories - a total of five dozen new items!


Other changes

  • The cost of studying talents in knowledge has changed, at the initial levels it will be cheaper.
  • Storm of Arrows — the skill has been reworked. Now, when using the ability, the hunter is not subject to the Root effect and the damage is not reduced. The effects of ability crystals have also changed.
  • A new item, Flag-Bearer whistle summons a Critter that attacks enemies in melee combat, applying Regeneration, Haste, and Haste to both himself and the owner, removing all Poison and Burn effects along the way.
  • Activating Guild Buffs is now free, but has a long cooldown. This cooldown can be reduced with guild energy. Buffs already activated will be removed with the update, and 4500 energy will be returned for this.
  • All existing and future costumes are now allowed to have their helmets removed.
  • Various animations have been added in Holy Grove, Factorium, Scorched Highlands and in Somber Swamp.
  • Timed quests appear even when the quest window is open, it does not need to be reopened.
  • The design of the buttons in the Forge has been updated.
  • And other minor fixes and changes.

Remember that this is only the beginning of the adventure - there is much more to come. We are waiting for your feedback and impressions, but for now we wish good luck to the brave Skylore explorers!

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À princípio: Uau, novas áreas e equipamentos, mobs e talentos. Sensacional. 

Mas, à partir do momento que vim percebendo: Como vou upar sem atividades suficientes para preencher esse preço estupendo de se upar um equipamento?. 

Não pense que estou reclamando do preço (muito pelo contrário), concordo plenamente no nível de dificuldade e tempo necessário para se evoluir. 

Porém, há pontos negativos nessa atualização: Áreas de farm para se conseguir esses recursos. Liga da Arena desatualizada - Gerando uma falta de recursos e conteúdos referentes à níveis acima do 20.

Como poderei eu, um mero jogador, buscar por recursos e recompensas melhores diante de um upgrade na qual liberou apenas 1 mapa e meio(Sem falar que um desses mapas nem farm em si existe). 

Isso abre espaço apenas para uma escapatória: O uso de dinheiro Real. 


Diga-me, Demorará muito até que soltem em si a atualização? Bcs ainda não considero esta como uma. 



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it is necessary to increase the obtaining of rewards such as gold and knowledge, they are very low for the amount necessary to improve to certain levels.

I'd love to see in-game mounts that help us move very quickly between maps, and be able to use them everywhere in the game, just for visual effect.

It would be good to place skins inside the store to buy with gold, I say old skins, place them little by little so that new players and free to play players can enjoy getting them by gathering a certain amount of gold.

When there are many players in the area we have jerks, if it is possible to try to optimize the game more we would be happy and grateful

Have spaces to save separate arena / dungeon chests, in this way to be able to open both at the same time, since one is for gold and the other for knowledge should be apart, not together.

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