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Skylore Full game play with THEMERCS


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Skylore is an interesting new game play with fun experience to enjoy the skills how to build and progress, i like overall the farming system u need to grind and kill monsters to gain experience to use it as u progress, chat window is bit hard for me now in game maybe thru time becomes easier, dungeon is confusing abit im not sure whats objective because its not 1 way thing its long and cant check ur map to see where boss is or where he might be, arena is cool yet so many skills still confusing as a start up, way-point is cool making character walk on his own to the quest

over all i feel i only experienced 50% of the game till now, i didnt record everything yet but here his some of my game play sorry for the bad audio





Part 2:



Part 3:





Part 4:




Part 5:


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