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Hustinyano's Short Review


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The game was good. As a player who played Warspear without paying real money and went through a lot of quests solo, I can say that the "Track Quest" function was totally the best feature for me. It saved me a lot of time and effort. I like how the lore was connected to Warspear's lore/Arinar like a sequel. I like the new skill/ability system even though I am still kinda not used to it especially the shard thing but I like how you can upgrade your skill with extra effects. I like the new world and the NPCs. The NPCs felt kinda lively because some have this kind of activities they do in the background and their interaction to the environment when they do something in a quest. Too bad I didn't get to explore the world more because I was too slow in playing the game. The buttons in game was easy to press and I did not have any troubles with it except the skill hotbar, sometimes when I tap on a skill it activates the other skill. It maybe because of my phone. I didn't quite understand the story though. I might re-read the dialogues when the game comes out.


Thank you for inviting me to play the game in beta. I had fun and enjoyed playing it in my spare time.

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